Morton’s neuroma #54

Hi Bob,
Just want you to know that I received my Oxford OESH the other day, size 8.5, and they are the best yet! These fit and feel great! Love the color so much.
Totally love them.

Sue owns 1 pair of our new Athena Maroons, an Original, and 4 pairs of the La Vida v2.0, with her most recent purchase the beautiful Oxfords

Morton’s neuroma #53

Thank you so much for noticing this and kindly correcting my order! I appreciate the refund.
I love my OESH shoes that I ordered last spring! I purchased these black ones for wearing with my dark colored jeans this coming winter…can’t wait to receive them and begin wearing my newest pair of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn…:-)
Warm regards,

Patti owns 2 pairs of La Vida v2.0s, and most recently purchased a pair of our Charcoals

Morton’s neuroma #52

You certainly deserve any good words l could think of. You may get an order from my vascular surgeon. Every time I go to an appt. with him he talks about wanting shoes like mine. I gave him your address and told him they were like walking on air!!! Have a great afternoon and thank you again!!! Sincerely,

Marilie wears her La Vida White Sands everywhere she goes in the Grand Canyon State

plantar fasciitis #44

Hi Bob,
Thanks so much for taking care of that, I appreciate your great customer service.
And yes, I LOVE my first pair and have worn them so much I needed to get a second pair. They seemed, as I was getting thru some plantar fasciitis with my initial purchase, to actually heal my feet. I could take a walk for exercise and my feet would actually feel better after walking, which is pretty amazing. Of all the shoes I bought to deal with this and other foot pain, these were the only shoes that helped and that are my Go To shoes for casual wear/exercise. They are so light and easy to pack for travel too, I can’t say enough about how much I love them.
Looking forward to my next pair~~~~ again, thanks

Sarah owns 2 pairs of La Vida v2.0s, with her most recent purchase a pair of our Charcoals

metatarsalgia #10

Thank you so much for the quick response. The first pair of Oeshs that I purchased I had only worn them a few days when I found that we were going to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida. Hoping that I made the right choice I decided to wear my new Oeshs. I was on my feet for twelve hours and not once did I have any problems. They are the most comfortable shoe that I own.
Thank you again,

Pam owns 2 pairs of La Vida v2.0s, recently buying a pair of the new Oxfords

Morton’s neuroma #51

I didn’t see anything on your website where I could comment so I am commenting here.
I have Morton’s neuroma and have suffered in both feet for 30 years. I had one operation but it grew back. Even as a youngster I had bad feet (pronated feet). I have searched for years to find shoes that specifically address Morton’s Neuroma and just last week located the OESH Shoes website. I ordered them, got them in two or three days and put them on last night. My world has changed. These shoes are unbelievable! Never in my life have I experienced comfort on my feet! I have had to wear all kinds of inserts, I have had several podiatrists prescribe orthotics which I paid a fortune for. I have purchased other orthotics at specialty stores and even at fairs. What a relief to have a pair of shoes that need no inserts. My bad feet have held me back from exercise, running, standing on my feet for long periods, traveling where a lot of walking is required. I have paid a fortune on shoes I couldn’t wear. These shoes are a miracle. My friend has similar problems and after telling her about the shoes last night, she ordered two pairs. I will be buying more as well! Thank you!

Lis now owns 2 pairs of La Vida v2.0s, most recently buying a pair of Deep Wisterias

customer service #52

Yippee! Monday is a postal holiday, but I’ll be patient. 😉
Thanks for everything, Bob! I think you may be one reason the company is as successful as it is. It’s not just the product. It’s also the customer service, and you reign supreme in that category.
Take care,

Wanda owns 5 pairs of La Vidas and her most recent purchase was the new Oxford

plantar fasciitis #43

…from October, 2013:
I have had plantar fasciitis for five years which flares up off and on. It is in the flare up stage right now. I am concerned about what size shoe to order.
I wear a dress or sandal size 7 medium shoe. I have special orthotics (sort of half size) that fit into my dress shoes. (I rarely wear heels as I am too uncomfortable walking in them). I also have full orthotics that I wear in my walking shoes. I found your discussion of how athletic shoes are not made for women extremely enlightening. Because I have full orthotics, I wear a size 8.5 walking shoe to give me enough toe room to comfortably walk.
It would be wonderful not to wear my orthotics but would like your advice about what size shoe to order and whether to wear them with orthotics or not. It might affect the size I order. Thanks for your assistance.
…and two years later…from September, 2015:
Thanks so much, Bob! You guys are the best! Have been bragging on these shoes for some time now. They have changed my life because my feet don’t hurt every day.
I have worn out my other three pair and really want to try the new color. Someone gifted me with the third pair. Also, I appreciate free (and fast!) shipping. All the best,

Laura now owns 4 pairs of La Vidas, 1 pair of Originals, and her most recent purchase was the brand new La Vida v2.0–Oxford

La Vida v2.0 #63

I love everything about them! Thank you!

Judy owns 2 pairs of La Vidas and her most recent purchase was the brand new La Vida v2.0–Oxford

La Vida v2.0 #62

received the blue shoes; you are right I love them. Thanks again

Margret owns 2 pairs of La Vidas and her most recent purchase was the brand new La Vida v2.0–Oxford

Morton’s neuroma #50…via Facebook

I don’t know what I would have done had I not found OESH a year ago to deal with my neuroma…I applaud you and thank you all. You allow me to continue to do what I love most, which is stand on my feet in my kitchen and cook, sometimes for hours!

Sue owns 1 pair of Maroon Athenas, 1 pair of Originals, and her most recent purchase was her 3rd La Vida v2.0, a White Sand

Athena Sandals #8 & La Vida v2.0 #61

Great Sandals! I don’t know what magic you did with these sandals, but all the problems are gone- fits my foot, no slipping and sliding- fits perfectly. I’ll wear them around the house a bit and it feels really comfortable.
By the way, the Wisteria are great exercise for the legs and thighs- took a 4 mile walk and really felt a good healthy exercise stretch.
Thanks oh patient one,

Batya owns 1 pair of La Vidas and her most recent purchase was an Athena Maroon

Athena Sandals #7 & knee pain #27

Thanks Bob for the quick response :)
Yes, I’ve come to like them very much as they are lighter than the Classic yet giving much the same comfort and support. I have bad knees and lots of problems with legs and feet so the OESH Classic, and now the Athena sandals, have been so good for me!! I have had my Athena sandals for about a month now and after adjusting to them, I love them. They are almost the same movement as the Classic, so I am very happy with the support and feel.

Kym owns 3 pairs of Originals and her most recent purchase was an Athena Phantom

Athena Sandals #6

Love them.15Y.08Jean Lanham-Limeade

Jean owns 2 pairs of La Vidas, 5 pairs of Originals, and her most recent purchase is pictured, the Athena Limeade

La Vida v2.0 #60

I just ordered my second pair of saguaro Oesh La Vida shoes, size 8.5. I wanted to know if I could also order an extra 2 pairs of insoles. My favorite shoes! Don’t stop making them!! I love this company! I put you on Facebook all the time. Let me know if I can promote you guys in any way. I teach English and am also a professional copy editor and writer. I’ll proof for free!👍

Jan owns 2 pairs of La Vidas and her most recent purchase was the La Vida v2.0–Saguaro

Athena Sandals #5

Hi Bob,
I am overdue in sending this rave: I DO love love love the Athenas. Great feel, great fit, great look, puts a whole new bounce in my summer. I feel like I am walking on air at my son’s 3 day lacrosse tournament at Colgate University. Stand all game? Carry the cooler for miles? No problem!15Y.07Carson Gleberman-Phantom
Thank you, Kellyn for the quick fix, and I am rooting for you in The Great College Quest. That school in New Haven could use a make-it-happen person like you. (See “Risky Business” if you haven’t already, even though the writers’ choice of ideal college was a little off. It will also explain why Tom Cruise got to be such a star before he went completely gonzo.)

Carson owns 3 pairs of La Vidas, 2 pairs of Originals, and her most recent purchase is pictured, the Athena Phantom

Athena Sandals #4 & knee pain #26

Good morning, Bob
They have been on my feet since they arrived yesterday (not in bed, of course) and are a significant improvement over the old style, much quieter, lighter, and enveloping the foot with less fussing and adjustment, but still maintaining the painfree knees. Please tell everyone, thank you very much!
All best,

Lisbeth owns 2 pairs of La Vidas, 6 pairs of Originals, and her most recent purchase was an Athena Phantom

La Vida v2.0 #59

I have 4 pairs of La Vida and couldn’t walk without them. Do the Athena sandals feel like the La Vida when walking?
How is the fit? What are other La Vida wearers saying?

Anne now owns 5 pairs of La Vidas and her most recent purchase was an Athena Phantom

customer service #51 & Athena Sandals #3

That’s a perfect plan. You are amazing.
FYI, the Athenas are much better on the neuroma. You were right, just took a little getting used to.
I very much appreciate your responsiveness and accommodation.

Sue owns 3 pairs of La Vidas, 1 pair of Originals, and her most recent purchase was the Athena Maroon
Dear Bob

Athena Sandals #2

Athenas arrived and I do love them. Thank you for the refund on shipping too.

Valerie owns 1 pair of La Vidas, 1 pair of Originals, and her most recent purchase was an Athena Maroon

Morton’s neuroma #49 & metatarsalgia #9

I have ordered over 4 pair of La Vida’s in the past and have been thrilled with each pair. They have allowed me to keep my job (on my feet all day suffering from morton’s neuroma/metatarsalgia). yeaaaaaaah! you guys ROCK !!!

Robin now owns 7 pairs of La Vidas, 1 pair of Originals, and was very happy to receive (above) her most recent purchase–an Athena Phantom

Athena Sandals #1

Awesome!!! Thank you for the discount!! You guys worked out the kinks on the Athenas—I wore these this morning for a 90 min brisk walk with no blisters, no Mortons neuroma pain, and no clanking like the older model. I LOVE them!! They are so light and fit so perfectly, like wearing nothing–same orthopedic relief of foot pain as with earlier generation Oesh, but lighter and easier to wear. Pics attached.15Y.Nancy Lagreca-Bosphorus-1 Feel free to post for others because I know I always like to see how shoes look on the foot.

Nancy owns 3 pairs of La Vidas, 3 pairs of Originals, and her most recent purchase is pictured, the Athena Bosphorus

customer service #50

I wish that everybody who runs a business and deals with customers –could be as kind and as friendly as you have been. Looking forward to trying out those size 10s! 😉
Thanks again-

Kim recently purchased the La Vida v2.0–Saguaro

La Vida v2.0 #58

Thanks I like being in CLUB15; weight bearing on the balls of my feet is a renewed thrill, instead of just gripping my toes to roll forward! Plus the OESH never did need to endure the squeeze of orthotics because the shoe feels so darn good without it.

JoAnna now owns 2 pairs of La Vidas–her most recent purchase is the La Vida v2.0–Fiji

Morton’s neuroma #48

My first pair of Oesh shoes arrived today and I love them. I have suffered with Morton’s Neuroma for years trying to find shoes for my active lifestyle. I am already planning on purchasing my second pair. Also, do you have plans to sell any other type of shoe (OESH ed.: Stay tuned!)?
So glad I found you!

Christy owns 1 pair of La Vidas, the La Vida v2.0–Fiji

Morton’s neuroma #47

When is the new line coming out? Any sales in near future? Since wearing your shoes since Dec 2014 I have not had any injections for Morton’s neuroma which I have been getting for 2 years. I have ordered 3 pairs. I wear them to work every day. I am a customer for life.

Denise owns 3 pairs of La Vidas–her most recent purchase was a La Vida v2.0–White Sand

knee pain #25

Was hoping size 12 would work for my husband, but too small. I would like to exchange for La Vida white sand size 8. Do I need special label for return?
PS I have 4 pairs and couldn’t walk without them!!!!!

Anne now owns 5 pairs of La Vidas and her most recent purchase was an Athena Phantom

Morton’s neuroma #46

First, I LOVE my LaVida shoes and just ordered a second pair. And I understand you’re soon coming out with new sandals that I plan to try. Just wondering if you were considering making something wearable for Michigan winters. Hopefully you’re coming up with a wonderful winter shoe as well so my neuroma will be happy year round.

Jan now owns 3 pairs of La Vidas and most recently ordered an Athena Phantom

La Vida v2.0 #57

Hi Bob!
I always so appreciate your sense of humor. You are great! Hope all is well with you.
I was bragging about my FOUR pairs of La Vidas to a good friend just a couple of days ago and encouraged her to check out the website. I hope she does. I haven’t worn anything else on my feet since I got my first pair 2 years ago. Not even with my fancy ball gown…..
My best,

Wanda owns 4 pairs of La Vidas–her most recent purchase was the La Vida v2.0–Charcoal

La Vida v2.0 #56

Love my OESH sneaks. Here they are in Madison Square Park dog run NYC. :)OESHers say 06.15Y

Paulette owns 1 pair of La Vidas and 1 Original–her most recent purchase is pictured, the La Vida v2.0–Fiji

Morton’s neuroma #45

Hi Bob,
I received my shoes today. They are super comfy! My right foot hasn’t been this comfortable in a shoe for the past 3 years! Thank you so much!
Newfoundland is home for us so it is beautiful any time of the year. We spend our summer there each year.
Thanks again,

Catherine owns 1 pair of La Vidas, the La Vida v2.0–Charcoal

La Vida v2.0 #55

Hi Robert, I have the new shoes you sent and they are wonderful. I am now an OESHer! Oh happy day! Won’t make this a long message. I have some walking to do before the storm arrives. Thank you for all your help. Be well,

Pam owns 1 pair of La vidas, the La Vida v2.0–Deep Wisteria

La Vida v2.0 #54

Got this one… thanks a bunch… can’t wait to be wearing my OESH…
Funny thing, I have two friends – one in Charlottesville and one here on the Cape who each discovered OESH on their own and swear by their shoes!
Thanks Bob!

Jaci owns 1 pair of La Vidas, the La Vida v2.0–Charcoal

Morton’s neuroma #44

I bought my first pair of Oesh sneakers last fall and love them. I wear them a little while every day for maintenance and on long hikes or short jaunts to run errands. The Morton’s neuroma has improved significantly and I have found that when I haven’t worn them in a couple days and the numbness and pain starts returning, just a little while in the Oesh’s and it disappears. Now I would like to try a pair of sandals. I wear a size 8-8.5 in shoes. Do you have the size I need available? I like the black sole.
Thank you for your help.
Enjoy the day,

Tara owns 1 pair of La Vidas, the La Vida v2.0–Charcoal

La Vida v2.0 #53

Thanks! Great idea. My Oesh are the most comfortable shoes I have. I wear them ALL THE TIME!
I also talk them up.
And I will be getting more!

Lucy owns 6 pairs of La Vidas, 3 Originals, and most recently ordered an Athena Maroon

La Vida v2.0 #52

Hello again, Bob!
I’m writing to say how much I love my new Fiji La Vidas, and to ask when you might be coming out with sandals and/or other options. We corresponded from my home email (cc’d) several weeks ago and you indicated something new might be on the horizon. I hope so!
Thank you,
PS. I left a glowing review on Amazon for these shoes —

Elizabeth owns 1 pair of La Vidas, the La Vida v2.0–Fiji

La Vida v2.0 #51

Thank you so much for your prompt and complete reply! I did wear my wonderful Oesh shoes yesterday around the house- they were amazingly light and comfortable. They felt so freeing, as if for the first time I was wearing a shoe rather than the shoe wearing me. Just such a natural movement!! I will be ordering more. I’m hoping that you will be expanding your line to include more sandals, some comfy slippers and perhaps some little dressier flats. Then I will truly be in Oesh heaven.
Thanks again for your help,

Patty owns 1 pair of La vidas, the La Vida v2.0–Deep Wisteria

knee pain #24

Sure, that will work. I recently ordered a pair of the tie shoes and they are miraculous for my aching knee. Thank you for this generous offer. I am very much looking forward to receiving the sandals and having them help me get around. Do you plan to stock more of the sequoia? Or to develop more styles, colors, etc., especially for cold weather wear?
I would definitely be interested in purchasing other styles.
Thanks! I so much appreciate the quality of your shoes and your amazing customer service!

Susan owns 1 Original and 1 La Vida v2.0–White Sand

La Vida v2.0 #50

I can’t wait! My oldest pair of Oesh shoes is definitely showing signs of wear, but I cannot give them up until I can find something that will take their place. Have you considered remaking the original shoe for those of us who love it?
Thank you,

Donna owns 2 pairs of Originals and most recently purchased the La Vida v2.0–Saguaro

La Vida v2.0 #49

Dear Good People at Oesh Shoes,
I love my new black Oesh shoes for their weight and the way my toes REALLY fit into the toes of your shoes. There is no scrunching or pushing. My big toe is my longest toe. I was surprised when I bounced down stairs pushing the shoes against my toes and, for the first time, realized I felt my big toe hit the end of the shoe first. I realized I don’t remember feeling that before. Not only did my big toe hit the end of the shoe first, it was the only toe to hit the end of the shoe. Thank you. These shoes are a wonderful fit for the my toes and I love how comfortable they are.
I know your shoes are a fairly new product and I think they are superb. I love the way they fit my toes and the ball of my foot. I write you now because I thought you might like to hear feedback from someone who is wearing your shoes “in the field”.
Sincerely yours,


customer service #49

Thank you again for your help. All the great compliments about your customer service are true!
I’m sure I’ll Love the shoes! I’m buying them now.
Thank you,


La Vida v2.0 #48…via Facebook

I received my first pair of OESH shoes today. I don’t want to take them off…
The support is amazing.


customer service #48

Your customer service is outstanding. I never thought I’d feel special just ordering shoes! I ordered the 8.5 as we talked about but they felt a bit snug so I ordered a 9 as well. I think I’ll use the 9s for running and the 8.5 for every day wear.
Do you have an Instagram? I’d like to put out a good word for you …
please let me know where I can give you a great review besides just Amazon. Thank you!


metatarsalgia #8

Thank you for sending me my shoes. I am now thinking that I may want to get the .5 size larger. Please send me a size 9. I had been wearing the 8.5 and the new pair seems smaller. Can my foot be getting longer from wearing shoes that put my feet in a better position? (OESH ed.: YES! A foot that spreads out and is not constrained generates one of the unique health benefits you receive while wearing OESH)
Also, can bunions go away because mine seem to getting significantly smaller and all that is left is a very small bursa sac. My doctor just said bunions do not go away and I said then where is it.
Thank you,


Morton’s neuroma #43

Thank-you to you and Casey for these shoes. I have been wearing them for at least half the day or longer, every day. I really do feel so much better. My pain is zero (or 1 or 2) in the mornings for about 3 hours. And I am aware that adjustments are happening and with neuromas the inflammation is just part of the daily routine. So I take breaks, ice, make a shoe change for driving and standing and back into the OESH shoes again. My appointment with Dr. Susan Erhenthal was very helpful. She was delighted to see that I had found her through the purchase of the sneakers. In addition to giving me some new selfcare tips — which I am diligently doing — she said my gait was normal while wearing the shoes. I was so impressed. I don’t think my gait has been normal in ANY pair of shoes! The last evaluation I had, included an instruction on how to improve my heel-arch-toe strike. Mindfully trying to correct for what the previous sneakers couldn’t do for me. It is obvious to me that the OESH shoes are supporting my gait. I was dancing again…for 10 minutes…the morning salsa dance party with my 3 yr old has resumed! THANK-YOU for helping me return to some exercise-related joy in such short order!


plantar fasciitis #42

The shoes worked out just great. I wore your shoes throughout Vietnam and they were amazing. Much lighter than my originals. Normally my feet get warm and a little sweaty but that didn’t happen – it was warm and we did a lot of walking. And no flare up in my plantar fasciitis. I think I will probably end up owning a pair of these shoes in every color. I appreciate the customer service!


customer service #47

Hi Bob,
Thanks so much. I can’t believe how easy this all was! Your customer service is amazing. I have printed the label and will mail the shoes tomorrow.
Thanks again,


Morton’s neuroma #42

Hi Bob,
I don’t know if you remember me but, you helped me decide on purchasing these shoes because I had been struggling with a neuroma for 6 months. They have helped me so much, and I am able to walk every morning and night for 1/2 hour.


knee pain #23

Thank you so much for your very prompt reply.
I have already spread the news about these shoes. I must admit the OESH shoes are definitely helping my knees more. I have spoken to my physiotherapist about the shoes and sent her an email with the OESH website. Once again, thank you for your thoughtful email and obvious concern.


plantar fasciitis #41

Hi Bob,
Just wanted to mention on a side note, I’ve sung the praises of the La Vidas for months at the gym and to whomever on my hikes with PF will listen to me. A friend says she’s ordered a pair this week for her PF (a fellow Zumba fan). In fact, I even received a Christmas card this past December from an Ebayer I sold the PF sleeve to and informed her that while it was ok, your shoes were a much better alternative. She told me she had ordered the shoes and absolutely loved them.
Thanks again for the La Vida’s. My second round of PF is on it’s way out, but I intend to keep wearing the La Vida’s for Zumba classes and around the house. They are my go to slippers and dance shoes…
I appreciate your great customer service.


knee pain #22

I am the proud owner of your La Vidas for more than a month now. I purchased them after close to 30 years of wearing ‘sensible shoes,’ and going through 6 pairs of orthotics. It was time to try something different. Well, my knees and lower back are pain free! So they’re keepers. I would like to request more styles; something more formal that could be worn to a wedding, as well as winter boots that could be worn with skirts. Keep up the good work.


Morton’s neuroma #41

Hi Bob,
The sandals arrived on Saturday and I’ve adjusted the strap so they fit. A picture of them on my feet is included. Does the size look right? The foot bed feels great. I like the color I picked. It was surprising to see that the sole was open on the side. My reason for buying them was to use at the beach. We live on Wilmington Island during the winter and visit Tybee Beach often.
I have no pain when I wear the Oesh shoes. If I switch to slippers in the evening my neuromas act up, so now I wear the LaVida’s all day and evening. It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning to happy feet. What a dramatic change in pain and comfort of my feet. It took a while for my arch to get used to a floating arch without my usual orthotic insert. I’m glad that I didn’t give up and use the orthotic in the shoes. My arch is loving it now. I feel like my feet are getting strong again. I’m beginning to think that the orthotics are a bandaid solution that can cause other problems. Thank goodness for Oesh shoes. At 59, it isn’t too late to correct 20+ years of feet pain!
Your devoted customer!


metatarsalgia #7

I wanted to send a note for you for some positive feedback on these shoes.
I don’t have a neuroma, but I have the pain of having one and could have Metatarsalgia. I tried getting back in shape and walking and pool lunges aggravated my foot and immobilized me…I was given orthotics and my second cortisone injection, which didn’t work. At the end of December I was looking for something or shoes that would help me get back to walking. I ordered this pair and these shoes are a God send! I have done comparisons with wearing these shoes and then a pair of Go Walks. My foot doesn’t feel fatigued in these shoes after just a ten minute walk. I am amazed and truly grateful for this company.
I live in Colorado and would love to see a moc for colder weather wearing :), but I will definitely be ordering another pair of sneakers.
Thank you Dr Kerrigan and team for these shoes!


plantar fasciitis #40

My sister (Janice) told me I could write to you if I have any issues with my new shoes.
I really don’t and they seem to be helping my plantar fasciitis. I also had two Neuromas removed from that foot and have had a lot of issues with it. But that also seems to be better with these shoes.
My question is: Can I wear these all the time? Even after my plantar fasciitis is completely better? (OESH ed.: Absolutely…the La Vidas are designed to be on your feet 24/7!)
Thank you,


customer service #46

I got the size 10s and wow, how wonderful they feel. Thank you for the awesome customer service.


customer service #45

Hi Bob,
The size 11 La Vidas fit wonderfully! Thank you for the great customer service and for shipping all the way to Guam!


knee pain #21

Your shoes were the answer to my prayers. I told my ortho doc that I had less knee & foot arch pain when I walked and he reacted with surprise and raised eyebrows


Morton’s neuroma #40

Many thanks for your welcoming message. You may not know this, but the order you are referring to is in fact my second order. I made the order–shod in the rapturous comfort of pair #1–about thirty minutes after receiving that first pair. There are two huge but conflicting realities I am faced with that these shoes may well provide a resolution for: the first is that I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, (classic type), a genetic collagen disorder, which means among other things that I have quite flat feet (with accessory naviculars to boot) and am generally subject to easy–even unprovoked–injuries. The second, against all probability for someone with Ehlers-Danlos (EDS), is that I play tennis and love it to the point of obsession. I just finished three months in a walking cast–and of course off the tennis courts–thanks mainly to a pair of debilitating Morton’s Neuromas in my right foot. I must have twenty pairs of tennis shoes, most of which I cannot wear. A few I am able to wear but, since the needs of my foot seem to vary day to day, each time I dress for tennis I must spend an inordinate amount of time trying various combinations of orthotics and padding until I find one I think I can live with, at least for that day.
I am a pastel artist, but my interest in things visual extends to apparel design in general, and shoe design in particular (in fact, I have begun making shoes). I became interested in shoe-making precisely because I see no reason why footwear that is comfortable and healthy can’t also be stylish and appealing. I know there are a few people out there designing good shoes that look good, but there aren’t nearly enough of them. Furthermore, most of those who exist price their shoes starting at $300 to $400, making them off limits to the average person.
To me, Casey Kerrigan and her team are filling a void that badly needs to be filled and I find this very exciting. She and her team have come up with a beautiful, stylish design with all the right health elements.
Thanks for making these quality-of-life improving shoes that look as good as they feel!
All the best,


customer service #44

This time though would you send the Size 9 La Vida – FIJI please to replace the deep wisteria? I now have experience that the size 9 is indeed the best fit for me. Thinking I may have to have these awesome shoes in several colors, just need to convince my husband!
I appreciate your patience & awesome customer service! I definitely am an OESHer for life! Thanks so much for your help! :)


La Vida v2.0 #47

You know Bob, their lightness is IT. I can walk so much better without big clunky shoes…which for me has been a problem because of the width of my foot, and buying mens shoes. I want to see if my daughter might like them. She is starting to have knee pain, and wears a size smaller than me. All in all…love the feel of it. Will get back to you after I talk to my daughter.


Morton’s neuroma #39

I purchased my first pair of La Vidas in April 2014. I have morton’s neuroma on both feet, and these shoes have been wonderfully comfortable. I wear them, on average, about 1/2 hr. per day when I walk my dog on my neighborhood’s sidewalks. Thanks so much,


Morton’s neuroma #38

Hi, I am going to try these for a few more days and then order a few more pair for other activities. Thanks again. I love the feel of these shoes!!!! (OESH ed.: 2 DAYS LATER…) I am so happy to have found your shoe. Ran 2 days in a row, with no pain. Truly a miracle!!!! (OESH ed.: 1 DAY LATER…) Hi Bob, Please send me 3 more pair of your “heaven shoes”. I would like Charcoal, Saguaro and Rococco in the same size, 10. Your shoes are making my life great again…, I have told many friends and my osteopath about them. He was most impressed with the construction.


metatarsalgia #6…an OESHer with 4 pairs of La Vidas!

Thank you Bob! I love your shoes. Thank you for your kind discount! You can count on me to order again. I love the way my feet feel when wearing your shoes as being barefoot in a wonderful comfortable way!


plantar fasciitis #39…from Australia

Thanks so much Bob. The shoes are adorable. I wore them this morning for my walk & they were so comfortable. I have hope now re recovery from the chronic PF after two years of feeling like another person in the wrong feet and legs! Maybe I’ll eventually jog again one day. I’d certainly given up on that thought! I’m going to order another pair in black, now that I know my size is correct. Cheers (OESH ed.: 8 WEEKS LATER)…All I can say is “thank goodness”! I must say if you want another testimonial I’ll write one. (OESH ed.: No Worries, I believe this qualifies)…You probably don’t need any more, I read so many prior to my purchases. I’ve had the best Christmas present ever! My feet and legs are so happy after only a few weeks. Normal again. Beyond my expectations, truly. After 2 years of pain, I’ve thrown away the orthotics & retrained my feet. Oesh has played a big part in the process I can assure you!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, so so much.


Morton’s neuroma #37

Oh my gosh Robert thank you so much and Happy New Year to you with good health. These shoes have given my Mortons Neuroma so much relief I love them. Have a great day.


customer service #43…an OESHer putting 5 pairs under the Christmas tree!

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the speedy service!! The shoes were a hit at this years Christmas! Thanks for such a great product.
I heard about OESH through my brother Kenneth. He did all the online research for his wife who has some knee issues. He purchased a pair around October and his wife was very happy with them. After hearing the nice testimonial, it was an easy choice.
I’ll ship back the pair right away for an exchange. Thanks again for the excellent shoes, friendly fantastic service and convenience!
Happy 2015!


running #13

Hi Bob,
Thank you for all the great tips. I figured if all out. The shoes are perfect now. I love them! They are just what I have been looking for–for the past several years! I really love the sole of the shoe. I usually feel a vibration on my treadmill, but I don’t with these. I also usually avoid running on pavement as much as possible because I find it so jarring, but with these I have no issues there either.
Thank you!


Morton’s neuroma #36

Dear Bob,
My first pair of OESHers came on Saturday ….I put them on Sunday and have worn them continuously since then! They are so comfortable and my neuroma is hardly noticeable. In fact, I’ve been walking all sorts of ways to see if I can aggravate it…yes, silly, but really putting these shoes to the test!! Guess what? They pass! But you knew they would. Thanks for making the best ever women’s shoes. I chose the charcoals because I can get by with wearing them with my black dress slacks for work….it would be nice if you offered a line of all black or all navy for the work dress pants….
Can’t wait for my next box with 2 pairs coming….gotta have a pair of purple ones! I’ve promised my husband I’m going to clean out the closet of all my other horrible shoes …he can’t wait for more space in there. LOL
Best Regards,


customer service #42

Heh Bob,
WOW!!! Very impressed…. I haven’t had customer service like this in years…..
Thank you for your help. I am looking forward to my shoes.


Morton’s neuroma #35

I tried the right shoe on and the neuroma pain disappeared! I am excited about the possibility of a shoe that doesn’t cause neuroma pain. So thank you for making such a wonderful shoe.


Morton’s neuroma #34

I bought my first pair of Oesh shoes in August, 2014, and another pair a month later when you had your back-to-school sale. I love the shoes; I have a Morton’s Neuroma and while wearing these shoes I have no pain in my foot. I have even recommended the Oesh shoes to several of my friends who have purchased a pair.


plantar fasciitis #38 & knee pain #20

Loved watching this “old” video from 20/20 with our wonderful Dr. Casey Kerrigan. I have been wearing LaVida’s for about a year (have 2 pairs) and didn’t realize until watching this video, that my knee pain of probably 25 years or more was gone. Guess it was gradual to not have noticed, but I don’t have it at all any more (I’m 66).
The LaVida’s also saved me from plantar fasciitis pain which is why I originally got my first pair.
Thank you so much for creating these fabulous shoes! They are all I wear (unless it’s snowing). And last year I tossed out all my high heels! Freedom!!!!
Love my LaVida’s!!!! Thank you!


plantar fasciitis #37

Dear Robert,
I have worn my Oesh LaVida shoes nearly every day since they arrived! I have quite a case of plantar fasciitis in my left foot. (Night brace – previous treatment by a podiatrist (not helpful) and a chiropractor (quite helpful)). Your shoes have made my foot feel tons better! They have been great, (amazing, actually!!)


La Vida v2.0 #46



Morton’s neuroma #33

I am sending my review of your La Vita shoes in hopes that it will be helpful.
I purchased my first pair of La Vida 2.0 shoes about a year ago. I had discovered your website by searching under “Morton’s Neuroma”. I am now wearing my third pair, all purchased from you during the past year.
First, I will say unequivocally that if a person has Morton’s Neuroma, this is the shoe she needs. It is the only one I can wear in which I have absolutely no symptoms, no pain, no tingling, no numbness. I have tried many other brands and styles. Not one of them relieved me of foot pain as does this shoe. Your designer is most certainly onto something that works with this design.
Obviously, I can recommend this Oesh product highly.


plantar fasciitis #36

Thanks so much! By the way, your La Vida shoe is saving me – I can finally walk normally again with my plantar fasciitis!


Morton’s neuroma #32

Hi Robert
Sorry I haven’t written sooner but I was anxious to try your fabulous shoes in a variety of circumstances. Well, they have danced in Zumba, viewed the fabulous new Cubist exhibit at the Met, and walked all over NYC. I think they are fabulous. My neuroma and thin forefoot pads still act up at times, but I am trying different ways to compensate. That pedorthist from NYU didn’t know about your shoes but he was impressed and is doing more research. He redesigned my new orthotics with a softer covering and added a metatarsal bump to take the weight off my forefoot. I will be seeing him this week for any adjustments that might be appropriate.
Robert, thank you so very much for your patience in advising me about your fabulous shoes. I appreciate it. Namaste,


Morton’s neuroma #31

Just wanted you to know that I have been wearing my new La Vidas for about a month, and I have many issues with my feet including Mortons Neuroma. I can tell you that I am a new person, thanks to your shoes. I can not put into words how much they have helped me. I was walking very slow because of the pain in my feet. Since I have been wearing my La Vidas I have been told to slow up. I am now walking too fast. My daughters cannot keep up with me. Thank you and keep those shoes coming.


La Vida v2.0 #45

Thank you for providing the most wonderful shoes that I have ever owned. Don’t think I will wear another brand ever again and these have saved me my job which I was unable to fulfill due to the foot pain I was experiencing and thus being able to avoid costly and iffy surgery. Looking forward to my next purchase and would love seeing something from you for harsh winter climates. Consider me a loyal customer and am spreading the word. Sincerely,


customer service #41

Just wanted to say I think your customer service is great. It’s only 6:30 a.m. in the morn.
Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to walking in these shoes around Miami, FLA and during a cruise on the 30th of November.

Lou Ann

La Vida v2.0 #44…via Facebook

I thought i had found foot heaven with my Lizards, but wait! My LaVidas are foot heaven doubled. Thank you OESH!!!!!


plantar fasciitis #35 & customer service #40

Dear Dr. Kerrigan and OESH Leadership,
As someone who develops and trains managers and leaders in customer service, organizational performance and leadership, I am a stickler when it comes to customer service; I am a tough critic and expect a lot. However, when I do have a customer service interaction that exceeds expectations, and is exceptional (which rarely happens), I find it important to let the boss know.
About a month ago, after conducting much research about plantar fasciitis and footwear, I purchased my first pair of OESH shoes in hopes that they would aid my recovery from this painful disorder, and allow me to continue to work out three days week with a cross-trainer. I wore the shoes five or six times and began to notice some improvement. So you can imagine how disappointed I was when I arrived home after work one day, not too long ago, and found that the puppy had eaten the heel out of my new shoe while under “watch” by my fifteen-year-old.
I contacted the customer service and exchange department to see if I could have the shoe repaired. Unfortunately after many email exchanges, and eventually sending a picture of the damage (and a pic of the dog and the guilty teenager), it was determined that there was no hope for a repair. However, Robert offered to look for a replacement single size 10 right Saguaro on the factory floor! I told him that I would be satisfied with a lower quality shoe (a “second”) or even a different color, given that I couldn’t afford to buy a replacement pair.
Today Robert emailed me to let me know that they had found a partner-less shoe, and that it is about to be sent to my home, free of charge.
Thank you an outstanding product and for equally outstanding customer service. Bob took the time to fully understand the issue and worked closely with me to find the best solution for me and, it seems, for the company. I am truly appreciative.


Morton’s neuroma #30

Dear OESH Gang,
I received the shoes and the 8.5 pair fits perfectly. I have gradually worn them day by day and they are working wonderfully with the morton’s neuroma problem in my left foot.
Now that I know they fit well and feel well on my feet, I would like to exchange the pair of size 9 shoes for another pair of 8.5 shoes in charcoal.
Thanks very much for these wonderful shoes!


plantar fasciitis #34

Dear Bob,
I have been wearing my new shoes at least half of every day – love them! My low grade chronic plantar fasciitis feels instantly better walking in the Oesh. You may recall from my last email that I have end stage degenerative osteoarthritis in both big toe joints. It was non symptomatic for many years but recently became aggravated doing an exercise for the PF the wrong way.


Morton’s neuroma #29

Hi Bob,
Just got my La Vida shoes! First, I can’t believe how light they are! They feel amazing from the first moment and they look great (got the black). Super comfortable for the neuroma. Interestingly enough, I’ve gone through a bunch of shoes lately, and the best feeling ones I’ve been wearing have been my Topsider Sperrys, partly because they have a mostly flat front, though not as roomy. Cobblestones, here I come! It’s amazing how different these feel on, especially where the neuroma is.
Just want to let you know–I think OESH should get an award for customer service…your responsiveness has been awesome. Next, you should get an award for your shoes. I’m sure there is another pair in my future.
BTW, my PT wants to see them–they were very interested in the way they are made and the relief they provide.


plantar fasciitis #33

Thank you so much! Your shoes are a savior for my plantar fasciitis. I will be returning soon for sure for more OESH.


Morton’s neuroma #28 & customer service #39

Hi Bob!
Now I know what people mean from the reviews which state “do you not sleep?!” Your email has definitely broken any record I have for customer service reply time. Thanks for putting me at ease with the choice of size in my order! I am super excited to get my shoes and start wearing them straight away. I just came home today from getting my first injection for Morton’s Neuroma and my doctor told me to definitely get new shoes for work. Your website was literally the first line in the google search for “Morton’s Neuroma,” so that is amazing marketing for you guys! I’m so glad I found the shoes because I also have knee pain and have random hip pains happening sometimes from walking awkwardly trying to avoid my current pain. I’m only 24 and I feel like my leg/foot pain makes me 64! Anyway I’m just super happy with your reply and can’t wait to try on my shoes. I hope they are the magic answer my feet require. If the size is wrong I will send you an email straight away. Thank you thank you thank you for being so helpful!!


La Vida v2.0 #43

I received my first pair of OESH shoes today. Wow! I love them and I’ve only worn them for the first hour. They are just as you had promised. I am totally impressed with your company, your product and your service. I am telling everyone.
Don’t change!


La Vida v2.0 #42

Hi Bob,
I received my Saguaro Oesh shoes and am enjoying breaking them in; I love the color and the comfort they give to my feet and legs. Many thanks again for such a WONDERFUL shoe.


running #12…via Facebook

Best work out shoes ever!!!


walking #24…from Cambridge, UK

The shoes arrived yesterday!!!! All fine and beautiful.
I shall dance down the streets of Cambridge today (going to a lecture on history of Cambridge at Emmanuel College) in my nifty new dancing shoes.
Kind wishes,


La Vida v2.0 #41

Shoes have arrived. They feel like slippers!
Thanks for your assistance,


walking #23 (…knee pain #17)

new shoes just came. So happy. wore them walking all over New York City while visiting my dad who lives on west 72 street. We saw three other people in oesh shoes while walking in central park. You would have thought we were greeting long lost relatives because we were so excited to meet. The men all agreed it is now time for them to have the oesh experience. The women are all wanting warmer oesh for the winter. Hope all is well with all of you, and i hope you continue to be overwhelmed with orders. Just a thought how about hot pink for next spring to support breast cancer survivers.


customer service #38…from Hawaii

Aloha Bob,
Please spread the word that the Oesh Team is AWESOME!!!


customer service #37

Thank you! I received my new shoes yesterday and they fit perfectly. Thank you for being so prompt and for your excellent 5 star customer service! I look forward to happy feet while working!


La Vida v2.0 #40…via Facebook

Best. Athletic shoes. Ever! On my third pair. Could not think of teaching Zumba in anything else. Thank you for making these!


La Vida v2.0 #39

These shoes have given me my life back where I can actually take walks again and exercise without pain.


customer service #36…from Australia (again!)

Dear Bob
Thank you very much. Awesome customer service as usual!


knee pain #19

Thanks for the tip. As for my satisfaction in wearing them…Lets put it this way…if i could possibly keep them on while washing them in the ole’ Kenmore, i would! Not only am i satisfied, i am sold! I was so excited to receive them that i actually had a dream i put them on and danced when they arrived! I knew after researching that the company is on to something, and it was going to make a difference for me. I am 52 years old 18 months past double total knee replacements. Though i prepared for surgery by hiring a trainer and physical therapist, followed their recommendations to a tee, lost every pound of extra weight and entered the hospital in the best shape of my life, the recovery months have been a struggle. Walking is still painful regardless of the measures i have taken to cull my footwear collection to resemble an orthopaedic shoe display, stay the course at the gym with cycling, swimming and strength training and maintain my nutrition and weight faithfully. Nothing this far works. These shoes work. These shoes WORK! I felt it the minute i put them on, they arrived weds morning and i wore them to work and jogged around the office halls for every astounded co worker i saw. I went on a walk in my neighborhood the next morning and for the first time since i can remember i didnt have to hobble home! I have been faithful to the ramping up wearing schedule and this morning stopped by the IronGirl race site where i will cheer on friends from the sidelines only once more. Next year this time, i will be entering the finish line chute at the Irongirl sprint my self. It’s been a dream to return to racing and the run/walk portion has been my only stumbling block, pun intended. OH, and i’m planning my race outfit around my Oeshers….probably the deep wisteria, or maybe the fiji!!??
So before you start imagining me sitting on the side of my washing machine, lid up, feet dangling precariously astride the agitator with a box of detergent in one hand and my copy of “tri-training for older chicks” in the other while the tub fills, stop. My 3 hour wearing session for today is almost up and i will be okay for the 22.5 minutes it takes to complete a short cycle:) thanks for your prompt emails.


La Vida v2.0 #38

Thank you so much.
This is my second pair of your shoes. I have various foot problems and these shoes have really helped me walk pain free.


plantar fasciitis #32

Ok I received my shoes and am happy with the way they fit with my orthotics. I was able to play pickleball for 3 hours without any pain from my plantar fascitis. Thank you.


Morton’s neuroma #27 & knee pain #18

I bought a pair of oesh shoes around the end of March of this year. I emailed several questions before deciding to buy and they were answered promptly. I bought the La Vida v2.0. They are truly the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn and I have osteoarthritis and Morton’s neuroma. I am a 50 year old RN and usually work ER. I normally am at a fast walk to a dead run for 12 hours a day and 60 to 72 hours a week. Thank-you,


plantar fasciitis #31

Hi Bob,
I love, love, love the La Vidas. Whatever you figured out there at OESH about a shoe fitting right and feeling comfy, you nailed it with that shoe. I have plantar fasciitis and they have made me so comfortable, especially when I’m out walking our new dog twice a day. If you have the all black shoe in 9.5, that is what I would prefer.
Thanks so much – saved my summer!


La Vida v2.0 #37

This is GREAT news, I will be ordering another pair of OESH shoes as soon as they are available. I LOVE the purple and pink pair I have. My next birthday I will be 80 years YOUNG and these are the BEST wearing shoes I have ever had. I have gotten so many questions and compliments about my shoes and I’m delighted to tell them “until you’ve worn OESH shoes, you have never known shoe comfort.” God bless you for creating something so comfortable and “cute”.


La Vida v2.0 #36

I have just placed my order for 3 more pair of your shoes. I LOVE them! Thanks again for such a great product.


Morton’s neuroma #26…guys love La Vidas, too

I purchased a pair of size 12 black OESH shoes because I have Morton’s Neuroma. I am a man and need the size 12 to fit me. These shoes have helped my Neuroma greatly so I would like to get at least one additional pair. (OESH ed.: when the Charcoal 12s became available again, he bought 3 pair…)


knee pain #17

so happy with my new shoes just love them no more pain in my knees or feet and i am much more stable for walking. I do wish that for us bigger footed women you could make them in black so i could wear them all the time. They really have changed my life (OESH ed.: when the Charcoal 12s became available again, she immediately bought a pair…)


La Vida v2.0 #35

Yay! I received my shoes today and they are amazing, can’t wait to try them at work.


plantar fasciitis #30

Robert, Thank you very much. I will return for the Charcoal one in the late summer/ fall. These shoes are really good for my plantar fasciitis. Love them.


customer service #35…from Australia

Hi Bob
Thanks for your prompt response. Your service is amazing. Your shoes are so comfortable. I look forward to getting my new pair.
I appreciate your service.


plantar fasciitis #29

My shoes arrived today and I tried them on immediately. They are the first shoes I have worn in over a month that have not caused heel pain.
Q. Should I wear them only a couple of hours a day in the beginning, or is it OK to wear them for longer periods of time if I do not experience heel pain from my fasciitis?
Thanks for you prompt handling of my order. Your response to my inquiry is really appreciated///


plantar fasciitis #28

I’ve been wearing Oesh shoes for a few months now and my PF pain is gone. I’ve been so thrilled that the PF pain was gone that I bought another pair. Thanks,


knee pain #16

Hi Bob. I’ve received the new shoes and I love them. They are helping the pain. Thanks for your time and effort.


La Vida v2.0 #34

I purchased the 1.0 last year and it was the best thing that i have ever done for my feet. I had been limping for a good 9 months by the time I found your shoes. I had 3 different diagnoses and constant pain in my foot and inner ankle. I was beginning to wonder if I would ever walk pain free again, much less run. When the 3rd podiatrist finally said the word surgery to me, I replied with something I won’t write here. I went home and threw out the series of ever increasing spongy shoes that had been recommended and started walking barefoot. My foot started feeling better almost immediately. Then I went online to find a minimal shoe and found OESH.
I loved the 1.0 and wore it constantly. I like the new sole on the 2.0 and the variety of colors (and I get compliments on how cute they are)–I bought 2 of the 2.0. Thank again,


La Vida v2.0 #33

My dear, true friend Margery flew across the country to help me and my sisters clean out our dad’s hoarder apartment and give moral support as he moved to assisted living.
Our OESH shoes made long days on our feet more about the treasured time spent together. In Lake Woebegone they would say OESH are Powdermilk Biscuits for your feet: they give you the strength to do what needs to be done.
With great sisters, a great friend and great shoes, you can tackle anything!
14Y Carson Gleberman & Sister
Thanks OESH!


plantar fasciitis #27

Thank you so much, Bob. They have helped my plantar fasciitis. I actually want to wear them for doing Crossfit.


metatarsalgia #5

Yep! That’s correct. Five more pairs please. (It took about ten minutes to decide to make the switch to these for the daily workouts.)
Great product, and I’m making damned sure that I get enough pairs before the rest of the world discovers them. I’ve got a nasty bit of metatarsalgia that absolutely disappears in these.
Thank you!


plantar fasciitis #26…from Great Britain

Hi Bob, Just back from nearly a month in the States – northern California and a family wedding in (ugh) Las Vegas. The wedding was great.
I thought I would pass on some observations from my recent shoe purchases. The size 9 1/2 in the La Vida is perfect. I thought the original 9 was good, but the half size made a major difference. The PF improved with the first shoe, but seems to disappear with the 9 1/2. I didn’t realize a half size could make such a difference.
Congratulations on all the great press you have been receiving as noted in your recent post. Finally, the world is seeing things in a new way and your company is at the forefront of that change. Well done. You both must feel very rewarded and (as the Brits say) chuffed. Regards,


La Vida v2.0 #32

Should I get some la Vida for my 90y/o mom?? She walks ok and rides her exercise bike…dont want her falling down the stairs…any reason seniors may have issues?? (OESH ed.: two weeks later, after Mother’s Day…) SHE LOVES THEM AND STARTED WEARING THEM MORE THAN AN HOUR RIGHT AWAY!! Would not let me send in a cute pic I took of her wearing them, though.


running #11 & knee pain #15

I wanted to thank you for your quick reply to my original question. I have taken your advice and kept the size 7.
I was immediately able to begin walking my 5 mile route again, return to Sprint8 on my treadmill and now I am back to running (only a few miles) AND able to rejoin my cardio dance class. Prior to my OESH La Vida’s I was only able to do non-impact exercise because of knee pain. I am very pleased to be back on my feet again. Thank You!


walking #22…via Facebook

I LOVE my 2 pair of OESH shoes. After years of pain after just 30 min of walking, my OESH shoes took me to the top of Diamond Head and another uphill hike last week while on vacation in Hawaii. Both hikes on the same day.


La Vida v2.0 #31

Hi Bob,
My black LaVidas are the perfect shoe. I never want to take them off. They are more comfortable than slippers! I’m excited you are working hard to get new shoes designed. I would love some in black I could wear to church or anywhere I don’t wear the LaVidas. I’m an Oesher for life and don’t want to wear any other brand. Thanks for all you’ve done to give women shoes that work for them. It’s a huge gift! And your customer service is unparalleled.


Athletic Sandals #2

Bob, it’s Wednesday morning here. The sandals arrived! They’re wonderful! Even better than I imagined, and you know I’m already a huge fan of Oesh! Mahalo!!!


knee pain #14

OESH shoes keep getting better and better! I find the La Vida v2.0 to be like wearing pillows on my feet – very light weight but cushioned and supportive in a very strange yet wonderful combination. Due to long standing feet issues I have each rendition of OESH shoes and have been a big fan since the beginning. Sore feet are a thing of the past and significant arthritis in my knees is basically forgotten as the pain is gone. La Vida v2.0 is my “go to” shoe for long walks and daily life. I am looking forward to more OESH styles. Thank you!


La Vida v2.0 #30

Thanks..just ordered..these shoes make me so happy.

Mary Ann

La Vida v2.0 #29…from a great blog

Another perk of no-snow season— even when I’m feeling like a slug with legs, I get to wear my OESH shoes. The La Vidas are my favorite shoes…ever. I live in them. They’re great for walking, running and all-purpose general usage. Designed by Dr. Casey Kerrigan, a woman who studied gait and the biomechanics of running and walking for over 20 years, they ‘maximize foot functionality’ by feeling like they are not there.

Read more about the amazing Dr. Kerrigan here.

14Y.Awesome Cookery

New and Old.

No, I’m not being sponsored by OESH to say all of this, I’m just ecstatic that I can wear shoes that don’t squish my toes and are both flat and flexible! Not barefoot, but close, very close. ”Uninhibited, free-flowing movement”—yep.

Ruth (OESH ed.: read more of Ruth’s awesome blog here: http://awesomecookery.com/ )

La Vida v2.0 #28

Happy to claim the name OESHer :-) My expectations are high that my son will experience the same degree of satisfaction from his new pair as I have from mine!
May God bless you all,


La Vida v2.0 #27

Hello Bob,
There are not enough “thank yous” in any language to let you know how thrilled I am with these impressive shoes! They feel like feathers on my feet. The size 8 you recommended is a perfect fit.
My acupuncturist was extremely interested when I told her about them. I’ll bring her copies of the information I printed out from your website because she would like to share this knowledge with her patients.
High five to you and OESH for a remarkable product.


knee pain #13…via Facebook

I got my shoes today!! I tried them on and did a brief walk in the house and LOVE the feel! I want to do the proper “break-in” so I’ll do the 1st hour tomorrow and continue. I am tempted to wear them at the opening day of baseball in Seattle to watch our Mariners on Tues. but that is several hours so I will hold back and follow the “doctor’s” orders (OESH ed.: we thought it would be ok since she was enjoying them so much…so she wore them to the game…and the Mariners won!). Might have to order the black if all continues to go well. Thanks so much!!


La Vida v2.0 #26…via Facebook

Best pair of shoes I have EVER had on.


Athletic Sandals #1

thank you for your quick reply. I made some minor adjustments and the sandals feel great. A few of my friends have asked the name of my sandals and where to order. So I have passed the info on. These are the best sandals ever! I love them. Thank you again, (OESH ed.: 1 day later…) I have another question…I live in Florida where it rains almost daily…is it ok for my sandals to get wet…And then just let them air dry? Or should I avoid getting them wet at all Cost?? (OESH ed.: VERY OK to get them wet–you can even hose them down and let them air dry–like Carol is doing today) These are the best sandals ever!!!


plantar fasciitis #25…via Facebook

I love my new shoes! 2nd pair now!


running #10

Thanks Bob,
I appreciate it. I absolutely love, love, love my La Vidas. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had, running or otherwise. (OESH ed.: 34 days later…) Thanks! These shoes have really changed my whole outlook on running. I am happy every time I put them on. Actually, I wear them all the time, so I thought having a separate pair just dedicated to running would be a good idea.


customer service #34

Hi Bob,
Shoes are in the mail. I have decided on the color of my 2nd pair, size 9.5 in Fiji please. Gotta have fun colors while working out =)
Thanks for making the entire process so easy. You definitely provided some of the best customer service I have ever encountered. And in this day and age when the art of customer service is lacking/declining…that is priceless and much appreciated. I do have a habit of telling everyone I know/meet about products/services I do highly recommend. I will be sure to pass the Oesh name on =) Much thanks and take care.


La Vida v2.0 #25

Thank you so much for getting the 7.5s to me. They arrived Monday, but I didn’t try wearing them until today. They feel GREAT! Thanks again for making this purchase-&-exchange experience more pleasurable than it would have been otherwise, and it’s all due to your kindness and conscientiousness.


Morton’s neuroma #25

I just looked at them. They look like Teva sandals that I wore years ago before neuromas curtailed shoe choices. I also have giant bunions.
Anyway, I have been to a terrific ortho doc but am very reluctant to have the neuroma surgery until any and all shoes become unbearable. Right now, am wearing the LaVida or New Balance shoes exclusively. The LaVida is great because even with bunions and neuromas, I like the give of the sole. It helps with balance.
I will try the Athletic Sandal. I like the Tiger (OESH ed.: appropriately enough…she lives in Baton Rouge, LA) if you have it in stock in a 10, or the Panther if you don’t.
Thanks for the offer of exchange. Please let me know if this will work out and when you are shipping it.
Yours truly,


customer service #33

Oesh is a wonderful company, and customers are blessed to have it in business.
Bob- Thank you for a prompt, informative, and considerate reply.
I will take your advice and proceed with SPRING!
Blessings to you,


running #9

I just wanted to followup with you. I received my shoes last week and have used them for running and daily work day. I love them!! In fact, I love them so much I’m afraid to wear them running and in this snowy weather because I want to keep them looking new and pretty. I may end up ordering another pair to wear for running and this one to wear for everyday. They feel nice and light and yet the sole is stable and firm – an unusual feeling but it works for me.
Thanks to all of you for a great product – I will spread the word and as soon as my budget justifies it I will be buying a second pair. Hmmm, now which color do I choose?:-)


La Vida v2.0 #24…via Facebook

Best shoes ever


knee pain #12…via Facebook

Have had my shoes for almost 2 weeks and have been wearing them almost exclusively. My foot and knee pain has been lessened significantly. Thank you, thank you , THANK YOU!


plantar fasciitis #24

I just placed an order for both athletic and suede sandals. Following the recommendation on the buy page, I order a size 9 in the suede sandal which is 1/2 size down from my regular shoe size of 9.5. If I made a mistake in choosing the smaller size similar to the suede sandal could you fix the mistake for me. By the way, I love, love my OESH shoes. It was my lucky day when I stumbled on to your website through a reference on a plantar fasciitis website. Like other customers, I would definitely buy dressier OESH shoes. Unfortunately lace up shoes (and sandals) just aren’t professional enough to wear with a business suit in an office environment, despite how amazingly comfortable your shoes are.


customer service #32…from the UK

One good turn deserves another. I have to say you offer such a delightful, personal service as well as an epic product!


customer service #31

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate hearing some sensible advice with an educated, positive approach. I would like to order the LaVidas in the charcoal color. I wear a 7.5 (US) size shoe and an 8 (US) size boot (we still have a ton of snow here!). I think the size 8 would likely be the first try……do you agree? (OESH ed: YES!)
I’ve read your return policy, which is the best I have ever seen, but I am truly hoping NOT to need to return them!!! If even half of the testimonials are truly accurate, I am feeling a tiny bit more hopeful tonight!
Best wishes


Morton’s neuroma #24

I first want to say that these are the most comfortable things I’ve had on my feet in months. Wow!
I’ve been struggling with a couple of neuromas on the right foot, and nearly everything compromises the right-foot comfort. Not these! From testimonials, it appears that people use these shoes for running. Are they intended to be a sports shoe? (OESH ed.: ABSOLUTELY!!!–anything you can do, you can do it better wearing La Vidas!)


La Vida v2.0 #23…from Australia via Facebook

I’m pretty impressed with my shoes. I wore them grocery shopping yesterday (and the lady serving in the local boutique told me what great shoes I was wearing), and I wore them to and from work today (I work in the OR).
My foot doesn’t seem to hurt when I wear them. I have noticed that they are making me more aware of my calf muscles.
I’ll see how I go over the next week or so. I may be ordering a pair to wear at work!


plantar fasciitis #23 (OESH knows no boundaries…success in the UK, too!)

Now La Vida: OMG. They are life changers. I can walk without any hip pain and even the pf is down to next to nothing. How can a pair of shoes do that? When they first came, I only wore them for a day and then I was off to see Dr. Frankenstein. I told him about the shoes and (interesting, as this is in the smallish village of Saffron Walden) he said he had heard of them but had never seen them. I should have asked him where he had heard of them, but we were on to a discussion of the shoes by that time. We did the whole orthotics bit and he made those ludicrous temporary ones and using my two year old Gait Analysis test (because he was rather certain that it would not have changed in two years, and because I did not want to spring for an additional £180 for a new one), he ordered new, softer orthotics which I am still waiting for. After your comment the other day, I took out your insole, put in the slap ons and wore them all yesterday. Marvellous. This morning there is next to no pf pain.

Thus, I must order two more pairs.
Best wishes,


Morton’s neuroma #23

Hey Bob,
Thanks for that. I had tried the “cookies” per a podiatrist recommendation and will try it again with the La Vida now that symptoms have calmed down. I have to say, the La Vidas led me to lots of research re this neuroma, and since getting rid of the heavy hardware arch supports, all my shoes are more tolerable. Who would’ve thought? Thanks again!


La Vida v2.0 #22

I received my shoes and have been doing the wearing schedule from the get go. Since I just came home from work at the time, I put them on to see how they would feel on. I immediately noticed the centering of my feet which carried up to my knees and hips. The second sensation I was aware of was no pressure on my arch. I was very surprised with their lightness and flatness and how they feel on my feet as well as how it feels to walk with them. I definitely have a step that is fully engaged in the heel to the ball of the foot. Thanks and I am saving for a 2nd pair!


La Vida v2.0 #21

I received my OESH shoes in black a couple of days ago, I am breaking them in now :-) they are so comfortable, so far so good! It’s like wearing a pair of ballerina slippers, wow!! I can’t wait to see how my week at work goes with them. :-)


La Vida v2.0 #20 & running #8

I love these shoes and don’t want to run in anything else!


Morton’s neuroma #22

Thanks for the information, I got a pair of the Suede sandals and they are great for my feet and neuromas.
By any chance, are you planning to do a version that is more dressy, like a Mary Jane that would be suitable for work, etc?
If not, please do. I think it would be a big seller–I’d buy them for sure.
Thanks again,


running #7

Thanks Bob,
I appreciate it. I absolutely love, love, love my La Vidas. They are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had, running or otherwise.
I’ll keep my eye out for the new styles!


plantar fasciitis #22

I am loving the shoes, I was in crucial pain with the plantar, two weeks ago I could barely finish my shift, I was crawling to my couch in tears.
With these shoes I am wearing them 4hrs right now and I am way more comfortable in the Oesh, just my heels hurt a bit after 3 hrs but they probably need to be broke in a bit more.
Thanks again,


La Vida v2.0 #19

Hi Bob,
Love my 2nd pair of LaVida – went with the purple ones. So pretty! My husband is jealous.


La Vida v2.0 #18

Hi Bob,
Just want to let you know that I bought a pair of LockLaces and I love them on these shoes – but I love love love the shoe best! Thanks for the quick response to my earlier questions.


walking #21

I love your shoes – they have literally changed my life. I love to walk and it became almost impossible until I purchased my first pair of your shoes. I tell everyone about your shoes and how wonderful they are. I can’t wait until you design a more dressy shoe appropriate for work, too. (OESH ed.: Stay tuned…)
P.S. Your customer service is as great as your shoes!!


La Vida v2.0 #17

My new shoes were delivered and they feel like a dream when I put them on.


La Vida v2.0 #16 & knee pain #11

Thank you! I love my charcoal LaVidas so much that I ordered your other two styles for myself and a pair of charcoal LaVidas for one of my daughters. She has plantar fasc… Problems I have: double hip and knee arthritis. Your shoes greatly increased my stability and seem to help reduce pain.


knee pain #10

I have 2 pair of La Vida shoes and wear them every day at the hospital where I work as a physical therapist. I have stage 4 OA of the knees and cannot believe the improvement in my joints since I started wearing them 6 months ago. I am off my anti-inflammatories completely. I get many comments about my shoes at work. People love the look and are very interested in the concept.


customer service #30

dear bob
thanks! I have heard a lot about your superior customer service and now I know why.


La Vida v2.0 #15 (Facebook)

I just got my first pair of Oesh shoes and I can’t take them off! They’re by far the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn. I’m getting one in every color!!


La Vida v2.0 #14

My first pair of Oesh shoes just arrived. I have to tell you that these are like wearing a pair of heaven for the first time in months. I have no idea what the protocol for wearing them the first time is, but I may not take them off for a year. I have experienced the best customer service, having ordered size 6.5 off the website in my haste to order, and then quickly realizing my mistake. My correct size arrived in 3 days perfectly. I am going to tell everyone about these wonderful shoes, and company.


La Vida v2.0 #13, Morton’s neuroma #21, plantar fasciitis #21

Hi Robert – Thanks! I do indeed have both plantar fasciitis (under control thanks to acupuncture) and a neuroma, as well as various unspecified postpartum foot pain. The new shoes feel amazing. I also really appreciate the minimal packaging and total lack of chemical smell! Two more questions:

– I plan to wear them mainly for working out, not day wear (though they’re so comfortable and cute that I might make an exception). I do Crossfit, but only run once in a while, because of my foot issues. So mostly I’m rowing, lifting weights, doing burpees, occasionally using the elliptical, running maybe 1-4 times a month for short bursts. When should I replace the shoes?

– Would you ever consider making a ballet flat? I would buy them in every color, and I’m sure others would, too.

Thanks again,


La Vida v2.0 #12 & knee pain #9

Bob, if you ever need a reference just get back to me. I’m putting my knee surgery on hold. I am so pleased. Once spring comes, if it ever does, I’m going to try and walk around the block. If I can do that then I’m golden. Please keep me informed about anything that comes out new. Thank you for keeping me in your mind. Tell Casey, I love her designs and shoes. Thank you. I normally don’t go grocery shopping by myself because my knees feel hot and sore after going down one aisle, but I was able to go down every isle last week. YEAHHHHHHH I wear the La Vidas all day long only because I own my own business and I have to look presentable. I really hate to take them off. I am going to keep buying your shoes. I will keep watching for anything new coming out. THANK YOU once again for giving me my life back. I will never wear anything else.


La Vida v2.0 #11

Good on snow!! Thought you would appreciate…-14 and I love my shoes…they do have great traction!!! Will you be making a red someday?? Happy new year.

14Y Mary Ann Starus, Duluth, MN polar vortex-2 -14F

Mary Ann in Duluth (epicenter of the 2014 Polar Vortex)



La Vida v2.0 #10

Dear Robert,
I have been wearing my new shoes now almost every day and they are so amazing. When I don’t wear them I don’t feel balanced. My feet don’t feel right in other shoes. Just wanted to thank you very much for your encouragement to buy these. It definitely was an excellent purchase and my PAD is so much better.
Many thanks again,


Morton’s neuroma #20

Thanks so much, Bob! I love the Fiji’s. I wore them to my workout on Saturday and will continue wearing them as often as I can. I have faith that in time my neuroma issues will improve!


customer service #29

Robert at OESH Service Dept,
Thank you for your quick reply and how your company made it easy for me to exchange the shoes. I printed out the PrePaid Label with no problem and will mail the shoes back to you today. Thank you again for superb service. I look forward to receiving the replacement shoes.


La Vida v2.0 #9

Everything is made for something special and perfect. And i can say that OESH were made for my feet to play soccer and run with. Thanks for those special people who makes these great shoes.


La Vida v2.0–First Impressions–#8

Great shoes, my feet love them!


La Vida v2.0–First Impressions–#7

I have just purchased my second pair of OESH shoes and I am as thrilled with them as with the first pair.


La Vida v2.0–First Impressions–#6

I’ve ordered two more pairs of Oesh La Vida Shoes. I must tell you that on Friday while at UVA and later at Physical Therapy I heard many good things about OESH shoes. The nurses and the PT said they were becoming very popular and well recommended by their patients! I know you can’t possibly remember all of your clients, but I still tell people how helpful you were. I only wished I had worn them the past years that I was in practice as a veterinarian.



The La Vidas sure feel great with my metatarsalgia–hoping I’ll adapt soon to the Sandals, too!


La Vida v2.0–First Impressions–#5

Got my shoes and they are wonderful. Thank you so much. I am sure I will be a long time customer as I now can walk!


customer service #28

Thanks for letting me know. Your company’s attention to customer service is extraordinary.


La Vida v2.0–First Impressions–#4

I received both the black and the fuji this past week — awesome color choices!!! :)

Karen in OH

La Vida v2.0–First Impressions vs. plantar fasciitis–#3

Please let me know when you have black sandals (Licorice Suede?) available. Question: Do they fit/size the same as the La Vida 2.0? I just received my LaVida 2.0 shoes this week, and I love them! I’m breaking them in following your recommended schedule, but I hate to take them off-they’re so comfortable! Most importantly, my plantar fasciitis shows some improvement already! I’m very hopeful. (OESH ed.: And we are quite confident, too–since we did the medical research to know what Ellen is getting into!)


La Vida v2.0–First Impressions–#2

Hi Bob,
Thank you for sending me the exchange label and will be sending the shoes back tomorrow for the new pair.
And yes, these shoes are pretty cool and can’t wait to get my size. They are so light and comfortable.
I love the OESH shoes and will continue to buy new pairs in the future.
Thank you for making such a great product. The quality and comfort of your shoes are second to none!!!!!
Thanks again,

Karen in PA

La Vida v2.0–First Impressions–#1


Just got my new shoes today and they are so comfortable!

I have a wide forefoot and a slight bunion on one foot – I Love the color and new design (I have a pair of sandals) – these are like walking on a cloud!

Thank you!


plantar fasciitis #20

Hi, Bob.

I have been wearing my La Vida Shoes for the past month and love them!! I can’t believe that my feet feel so wonderful and I love how lightweight the shoes are, too.

I have a question for you. I purchased the size 8.5 and used them with my orthotics for the first couple of weeks. I have now been wearing them without the orthotics without any problems. I can’t tell you how elated I am. My question is that I am not sure what size I should be wearing. As I explained in an earlier email, I usually wear a size 7 medium in a loafer and a size 8.5 in an athletic shoe (to accommodate my orthotics and for the wider toe area).

Now that I am no longer wearing the orthotics, I can probably wear a smaller shoe size but I am afraid that the size 7 might be too small. Do the shoes run a bit on the small side? When I stand, I have a thumbnail space inside the shoe between the end of my toes and the end of the shoe. The heel is not slipping when I am wearing socks. Any advice will be welcome as I am ready to order another pair of shoes and/or sandals. (OESH ed.: Laura bought the La Vida v2.0 in a size 8.0)

Any chance you might be designing a slip on or loafer type shoe in the future? That would be so awesome. I really love your shoes. They are the best and I have been telling everyone who has plantar fasciitis about them. Thanks,


La Vida #22


I have 2 pairs of OESH shoes—the old style which I wear around 20% of the time and the La Vida white sand which I wear at least 80% of the time. The La Vidas are the perfect shoe!! I use them for running and everything else—-they provide way more mobility and flexibility than five-fingers and are actually wide enough for my feet.
I just wanted to gush, and say I hope you will continue to make the La Vida white sand style (and consider more colors). They are my perfect shoe, I don’t want to wear anything else!

Thank you!


Morton’s neuroma #19

Hi Bob,
Just received my La Vidas…wow, what a heavenly feel to walk in these! I do understand the importance of word-of-mouth with this…and I’m looking forward to telling everyone I know, believe me! Now that I know these shoes really do alleviate the foot pain, I’m so excited. GREAT PRODUCT…Grazie mille!
I spent this morning working out with them on and they are truly amazing…one hour on the treadmill and I was feeling no pain at all. I’ve spent the last couple of decades using every foot gizmo you can think of…Gel toe spacers, metatarsal pads/sleeves/cushions, bunion pads, ball-of-foot-gel pads, knee and ankle support bandages, etc….you get the idea…and I was still painfully limping out the gym door after each workout. I was beginning to believe my doctor’s warnings that surgery (both foot and knee) would be the only solution. This morning I wore only the La Vidas and socks and I was fine even at the end of one hour on a treadmill. I don’t know how you guys have done it, but you definitely have! I feel like I’m 20 years younger today thanks to OESH Shoes…MIRACULOUS…Thank-you All!
I LOVE the new colors in the v2.0 selections…I have ordered the size 9 for everyday wear around the house and errands. The 9.5 are perfect for exercising because of the extra room in the toe bed but I think the 9’s will be perfect for when I’m not working out…we’ll see how that works…will let you know.
Thanks so much for your help, Bob and Happy Holidays to you all at OESH.

Cynthia – OESHer!
Los Angeles, CA
Morton’s Neuroma and disintegrating knee, ankle and toe joints.

plantar fasciitis #19


Thank you for your quick response. I am a little apprehensive because my Classics have been my life-line, however I will definitely give the La Vida a chance and see how they perform with my plantar fasciitis issues, and I will look forward to the new version of the Classic in about a year.

I am extremely grateful for the research and work that the Oesh team is doing in this area and for getting me back to living the life I want, not just the life my feet will allow me to have.



La Vida #21

All I can say today is WOW. I would have sent a message last nite but my computer wouldn’t come on. I have to tell you that I wore my shoes all day for 3 days in a row and I can’t tell you how much better my legs feel. I spent most of the day in Tucson yesterday and alot of time walking and almost no aches in my legs. It’s a miracle!!! I haven’t tried to go for a long walk yet as my husband is in the hospital so I’ll be spending a lot of time there. Right now I would say there is at least an 85% improvement in the leg pain. Please, Please tell that dear doctor about my experience and I would surely like to know why they make my legs feel so much better.
So I guess I am your first positive experience with Peripheral Artery Disease and very happy to be that experience. You take care and have a wonderful day. Happy Oehshing!!!


Morton’s neuroma #18

I have clients that will be ordering your shoes! This is the first day I wore them and they were a hit!


customer service #27

Thanks so much – I am looking forward to getting them.
The reviews weren’t lying when they praised the customer service of this company!!


plantar fasciitis #18

Dear Robert,

Many thanks for your thoughtful and compelling explanation of your shoe. I really appreciate the time and care you took to convey all that to me and my sister. It is all so reasonable and sensible and I think Dr. Kerrigan is kind of brilliant for breaking down the myths and pushing ahead in a market already so controlled. I know it takes huge patience, determination, faith, fortitude (apart from the science) to make a place for something truly good and beneficial to people in a world entrenched in profit, growth and whatever contributes to business glory. I wish you all the best.

As for my sister, she too was excited and put at ease by your email. She has now just to give it a try. As we are inside writing, she is just wearing them around the apartment. She knows not to overdo it. I told her to be patient, that it takes a while, and that the healing is in the wearing of the shoe.

Again, thank you for taking so much time with us. I have to say, it is absolutely unique, and that patience and attention are truly helpful when one is finding one’s way, without a map, back to feeling well. Will keep you posted about the shoe.

All best,


plantar fasciitis #17

Hi, Bob.

The shoes arrived today – I love them already even though they are not broken in yet (I read the directions about how long to wear them each day). They just feel different on my feet and I don’t feel like my feet are encased in concrete.

I have been wanting to strengthen the muscles in my feet and have been doing some exercises (probably contrary to conventional plantar fasciitis advice) to strengthen them (OESH ed.: But right on with OESH & Common Sense!). I think these shoes will also help my feet by strengthening the foot structures, too. They were worth the wait. Thanks!


Morton’s neuroma #17 & walking #20

I just purchased a pair of La Vida shoes and love them. I live in Connecticut and walk 3 miles a day (back and forth to work). I developed Morton’s neuroma and these are the first shoes after many interventions, that have helped! I am very grateful.

As the cold weather approaches, I want to buy another shoe from OESH that will be warmer than La Vida. Will you be coming out with any shoe other than the sandals? (OESH ed.: Stay Tuned!!!)

Thanks again…your shoes are a life saver!


plantar fasciitis #16 & La Vida #20

I bought my oesh shoes right before my recent trip to Greece. My planter fasciitis was quite painful before I left home and I was concerned that it would be impossible for me to do much walking. Daily foot exercises and these shoes made it possible to walk all over the islands. Even this cat on the island of Sifnos is impressed!


knee pain #8

Hi Robert,
I am breaking in a size 9 pair of La Vida and they fit just right. The only thing I notice is that walking is a bit different. Probably more normal. My knee pain and foot pain are gone, and that is so nice.



customer service #26

Thank you so much! Best customer service I’ve had in a long while – such a lost virtue in today’s world! :)

Great company…can’t wait to buy more shoes. Wish you had a store near here! (OESH ed.: We Do–www.OESHshoes.com

and click “Buy”!!!)

All the best –


walking #19

I have a pair of the La Vida shoes and they have been wonderful for walking my dog – still some pain in my arthritic knees, but manageable, and the other pains in the sole of my food have completely gone away. Will you be offering anything more weather friendly with the same features as this shoe? I have a very high energy dog, and he really needs his walks!


customer service #25

I don’t believe this, do you work 24/7? I wasn’t expecting a reply today!
Anyway, since they are comfortable, sounds like a plan.
Thank you for your prompt reply, I am impressed.


La Vida #19

Dear OESH,

I am a walking advertisement for these latest shoes. I was amused by one woman who recognized the insignia and asked how I liked them. Love ’em, of course.

Keep me on the mailing list.


La Vida & knee pain #7

I am going to physical therapy today with my new La Vida shoes on and I am sure they are going to cause a stir-I am taking along a few sheets of info from your website to share.
I was hoping you would be making a darker color for fall and winter in the La Vida. (OESH ed.: Stay Tuned!!!) Please let me know if you think you may because I am interested in purchasing a few more pairs. They make me walk nice and straight with having a recent knee replacement. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
I did order the purple sandals and they are also very comfortable. They are so much more comfortable than Birkenstock and Mephisto and SAS, plus all the other expensive shoes I have bought through the years.

Thank you so much for these great shoes!!

Sincerely Yours,


walking #18

Hi Bob,
I received the sandals last week, thank you so much.
The foot bed comfort is unlike anything I’ve had before. I swear they were custom-made for me!!!
As my feet aren’t normal (thanks to years of ballroom dancing and subsequent reconstructive surgery) I’ve modified the straps to suit my Frankenstein feet. I’ve been wearing the sandals for about 8 hours so far today and OMG……the bliss is unbelievable.
I’ve just given my sister all my Birkenstock, Naot, Alegria, Keen and MBT sandals that I’d persisted with for years.
Thank you soooooooooooooo much again.
Your grateful Aussie customer,


Morton’s neuroma #16

Dear Robert,
Received my OESH shoes yesterday. As you recommended, the 8.5 fit perfectly. I decided to give them a try last night, so I took a NIA class, which I haven’t been able to do for a month due to Morton’s Neuroma. It is with great pleasure that I tell you my feet did not hurt, and my spirit was so happy! Thank you very, very much!!



metatarsalgia #3

Hello friends, I recently bought the Oesh Shoe, La Vida – white sand 7 and half.

They are absolutely wonderful for my painful feet. I have Metatarsalgia and they are the only thing I have found so far that allows me to walk and stand without pain. Thank you for making them.

By the way, I live in Canada and ordered them online.

Thanks again for my comfortable feet!


plantar fasciitis #15

“I am an “Oesher”!!! Received my new kicks today and let me tell you with both feet affected by plantar fasciitis I CAN WALK WITHOUT PAIN AGAIN!!!!!!


customer service #24

Thanks for all your help. You’ve been terrific and my aching feet are grateful!


Morton’s neuroma #15

Your la vida shoe has improved my quality of life in one day!
I found you by chance when researching comfortable shoes for my severe mortons neuroma.
The pain vanished as soon as I put these shoes on. After wearing them all day, the first day, I have no pain at all on the bottom of my feet.
Thanks for manufacturing such a fantastic product!
Best regards,


La Vida #18

My mom LOVES her shoes. And I love mine. She wants to know if you have any “fall styles” coming out.


Morton’s neuroma #14 & OESH La Vida #17

Dear Robert,
Since I received the La Vidas two months ago, I have hardly wanted to take them off. I was cautious before ordering them, as I have tried many products promising foot pain relief that have not delivered. After literally living in them for two months, I just washed them and they came out looking brand new and in perfect shape. I live in them because I have to: I have noticed a marked improvement in my foot pain (Morton’s neuroma, hammertoe, bunions, etc). When I put on the La Vidas first thing in the morning, I can go much longer before I get to the point of needing to stop and put up my feet. These shoes have helped me to be more active for longer periods of time. I enjoy many of the activities I had come to dread, such as jog/walking, dancing, gardening and even cooking and cleaning. While they don’t make the foot problems go away, they minimize it more than any of the many therapeutic shoes, inserts and other products I have tried. In most shoes I wear a size 7 wide, and the OESH 7.5 fit perfectly. I wear them without socks and enjoy the way the shoes breathe like sandals. I also wear them with Injinji toe socks, which help keep my toes from bothering each other. When I go barefoot or wear any other shoes for even short periods of time, the pain returns. Finally, I read of the high level of customer satisfaction with your product and with your service, and I must say you have exceeded my expectations on both accounts. I am thrilled to be an OESHer and hope you will continue to craft these wonderful shoes for women like me who are ready to put our best feet forward.

Thank you again!


OESH La Vida #16

I love my shoes!!!!!

Thank You!!


customer service #23

You rock OESH ! I’ll place my order this morning, Thanks


Morton’s neuroma #13

After long distance running for about ten years I developed a terrible Morton’s Neuroma. It felt like a bee stinging between my toes every time I tried to walk or run more than a half mile. I have managed the pain for the past couple of years by quitting running, using an elliptical machine for cardio, and using metatarsal pads daily (which didn’t even work–my feet always hurt if I was on them for any period of time). Finally I scheduled surgery for the MN because I wanted to return to running and walking without orthotics and pain. A few days before my surgery was scheduled to take place I had second thoughts, and I searched the web looking for an alternative and found Oesh. I canceled the surgery, decided to try them out, and have not looked back. I have just returned from a 3-day trip to Disneyland w/ my five-year-old where, not only was I on my feet for 10 hours each day without metatarsal pads, but half the time I carried a 40-pound preschooler and my feet supported her as well. It is remarkable that I came out of this trip with ZERO pain from the MN in Oesh sandals (the suede ones). This was the ultimate test and Oesh passed it with flying colors. I’m not getting surgery. I’m running again in the Oesh sports sandals. I usually don’t write posts like this but I wanted to let those considering surgery for MN know that there is an alternative


customer service #22 & knee pain #6

And as usual, your reply is fantastic. I swear, if I didn’t live on the opposite side of the country, I’d visit you guys with homemade baked goods on a regular basis to show my appreciation!

Hopefully, you guys never tire of receiving effusive complements :)

Seriously, I love your shoes and your fantastic sense of customer support. I’ve had braces, orthotics, exercises and sometimes just puzzled looks from doctors in the past. And I had all but resigned myself to new shoes every 5-6 months and constant knee pain and discomfort. When I heard about OESH, I read the entire site in a day, and then ordered a pair. Female vanity occasionally reared its ugly head and I wore dressy shoes for an outing, regretting it immensely for the next few days. I used to walk with my toes pointed outward, weight on the outside of my feet and ace bandages on my knees. Now, my knees feel normal, I walk with my feet pointed straight and the soles of the shoes are wearing evenly. Please pass along my sincere appreciation to Casey for designing these, and to everyone that works with you guys!

P.S. My secret hope that in the next few years you guys are successful enough to make men’s sizes, and a line or two outside of the athletic or sandal look. My fondest wish is for a pair of boots with the cantilever’s that can be worn in a business casual setting. (hint hint) 😀

Love you guys so much!


plantar fasciitis #14

Hi Bob, just letting you know that I AM LOVING my oesh shoes. My knees, ankles and plantar fascia is thanking you. I have had a little bit of rubbing at the side of one foot near the heel, where the seam joins but I am managing that. They have also been the subject of great interest on my film set so I wouldn’t be surprised if you got more orders from down here. I am now ordering some sandals, this is very exciting for me as I have had to wear shoes for the last twenty years or so all year round. if i wore something without inserts in I was crippled by the end of the day. Pretty hard on the beach, very much looking forward to their arrival so I can have a summer option. Could you also let me know if you decide to produce your shoes in a darker colour as I would be very interested, thank

Sue…in New South Wales, Australia

Morton’s neuroma #12 & the new OESH La Vida #15

Hi Bob
I’m delighted to say that the shoes arrived here in Oxford a week ago and my first impressions are very good.
In more detail I have been finding my biomechanics from hips to toe far more fluid, with increased stride. Hopefully this will continue with time. I currently have no pain in my right foot and significantly reduced pain in my left foot. I’m hoping after a few weeks of consistent wear both feet will be pain free. I will report back after our holiday which starts tomorrow.

I’m very excited about my holiday with my oeshies!!!! I think they are going to make a huge difference.

Thank you


customer service #21

Thank you for your quick and thorough response. I just placed my order.
Have a great day!


Morton’s neuroma #11 & the new OESH La Vida #14

Customer Service,
I just received the new LaVida shoes in a size 10 and absolutely love them; however I need to exchange them for a size 11. I would like to order the size 11 today. Thank you for making a great shoe – no foot pain with these! (OESH ed.: 1 hour, 50 minutes later…) Thanks so much! I will send the 10s back today and look forward to the new 11s. I am curious – the chiropractor and everyone else recommend that I get shoes with strong arch support. These shoes feel great and don’t seem to have any arch support. What is the magic? (OESH ed.: Here is why Diane–and you–don’t need arch supports) Thanks again for the super fast service! I will check out the blog tonight. (OESH ed.: Not just any blog…this blog)
Warm Regards,


the new OESH La Vida #13

Thank you for your information. Both my husband and I were very glad to hear there was a solution.
I already have the LaVidas – I got them with the promotion when they first came out. I absolutely LOVE them. I wear them a lot. I can wear them to do “Insanity” workouts in the morning, then wear them all day long. They are so comfortable. Usually by supper time, my feet want my shoes to come off (I often eat supper barefoot). With the LaVidas, my feet hardly notice they are on. I wish there was a color of it that looked good with khaki or dark pants and I would wear them all the time at school. I teach 3rd grade and I am on my feet all day, and I take my class for walks and we are very active.
I hope the LaVidas clean up easily (I think I saw directions on line for that) and I hope the sole lasts a long time.

Thanks again for your help.


Morton’s neuroma #10

Thanks so much. I look forward to the La Vidas and I’m very pleased at the prospect of both avoiding going under the knife for the neuroma and being able to run again after years of the elliptical machine. The two runs in the Panthers doesn’t even seem to have caught the neuroma’s attention.


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #12

Hi, Bob!
They just arrived and we LOVE them!! We each have a pair of The Classics and a pair of Lizards–which we love–but the La Vida is a whole new product: light, comfy and cute! Any more colors in the works?

Miss Channing still needs a little convincing…

13Y.07.12 Testimonial--Margaret Simmons







the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #11

Thx Bob.
I love this new shoe! How is it that you were able to drastically reduce the sole thickness and still maintain the benefit of the thicker design?
Keep up the great work and thx again,


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #10

Hi Oesh-ers!
La Vida -HOW did you do it?
I have 2 pairs of Lizards and they’ve kept me walking this last year and a half – a real miracle after the metatarsal pain that had me side-lined until I found OESH. But much as the Lizards kept me going I have to say they were heavy and seriously homely. They were my “medicine shoes.”

The La Vidas I ordered arrived today. THEY ARE FABULOUS! They feel 100% as good as the Lizards but they are as light as my bedroom slippers and they look *almost* like an everyday athletic shoe.

HOW did you shrink your great sole into such a small, light package????
You are geniuses – I can’t wait to see what you cook up next.
Thanks for taking the sting out of my 61st birthday – I feel like a teenager in my La Vidas!

Feel free to use my testimonial & sign me:

Mary in Houston (Texas, that is)

the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #9

Wonderful. I am curious about no arch support, why does that not bother me when usually I need it? These shoes are magic! (OESH ed.: Science + OESH = magic: http://oeshshoes.com/concept/a-level-playing-field/)


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #8

Hi Bob,
Got them today, yaaaaaaahhhh! These shoes are so comfy, felt like wearing slippers. I will wear them to work tomorrow.
Thanks for all your attention to my email, muchly appreciated.

Sandy in British Columbia

the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #7

Oh I’m definitely buying those!


plantar fasciitis #13

thank you so much for that speedy and wonderful reply! You guys are truly an amazing company. These shoes have helped me enormously – I can’t thank you and your company enough. I received my new pair of size 7 Mojave sandals just in the nick of time for my trip to Panama and they were really a “vacation-saver”. I was unsure if I was going to be able to walk much on the trip (plantar fasciitis) and these sandals were amazing.


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #6

Dear Bob,
My new La Vida White Sand 6.5 shoes came yesterday. It was practically love at first step. They are phenomenal. The weight is incredible. Walking in them feels like a dream. If OESH decides to offer 6.5s in more colors I will be queueing up for my place in line.

Kristin in Oregon

plantar fasciitis #12

I own one pair of the black Classics as well as one pair of the Lizards, and I cannot emphasize enough how these shoes improved the quality of everyday life on my feet. I absolutely love, love, love these shoes and dread going to events where I can’t wear them. As a sufferer of plantar fasciitis, I had been looking for over 14 months for the perfect pair of shoes, and now that I’ve worn my OESHs nearly every day for the past year, I am a sold customer for life. I just ordered another pair of Lizards to have another pair available around my house, and I might even buy a few more pairs as I will be turning 40 this year and never want to be without a pair of OESH shoes for the rest of my life. They are worth every penny I’ve spent on them.
Thank you, OESH, for developing a shoe that really, REALLY made a difference in my life.


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #5

They arrived in time, I love them, thanks so much!!!!

Sissy in Ontario

Morton’s neuroma #9

The previous shoes I bought solved the MN problem—OESH has saved me from surgery! I just started running again…yippee! Was going to send a testimonial sooner–but wanted to give it several months. Thanks,


plantar fasciitis #11 & running #6

I’ve been wearing a pair of your sandals all summer. They are the only shoes I can wear for my chronic plantar faciitis (going on 5 years) without an orthotic. I’ve been eagerly awaiting your new product line for a running shoe, checking the website periodically…Are there any shoes in the works that may be suitable for me? Please say yes. Thanks. (OESH ed.: Y-E-S!!!)


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #4

Hey, Bob! My new Oesh shoes arrived today, and they’re the most comfy shoes I’ve ever worn!! Thank you! I’ll buy three more pairs if you come out with some colors!

Nancy in Charlottesville

walking #17

Thank you ! I wear my OESH shoes everyday and people always ask about them. they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned, and I can’t wait to see these new ones.

Christine, US Military in Afghanistan

Morton’s neuroma #8

Love my Lizards. Finally a shoe that doesn’t aggravate a persistent Morton’s neuroma. Thank you Oesh.


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #3

Have worn la vida all morning. Was surprised they were so light weight…great. They really remind me of my bike shoes. In shape but not in comfort. They are the best for comfort. Found the shoes because was searching re shoes Morton’s neuroma. By the time I found the shoes (About six months post Morton’s n.) most of the pain had subsided but I look to these two pairs of shoes as prevention. I am mainly a walker now but also do a lot of gardening so perhaps she will next come out with a gardening shoe. You know rubber type (slogger ) but diff material inside…just a thought. I’m sure your imagination re shoes is better than mine :-) Nice chatting bob. I just realized you are the Bob that is on blog. Thnx Bob

Marilyn in Illinois

metatarsalgia #2

I have worn my Oesh shoes almost every day since I bought them about 6 or 8 months ago. They have been wonderful! I am traveling to France on Thursday…can you send me the Lizards overnight? (OESH ed.: We did!)


the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #2

Now that is one gooooood looking shoe. I’ve ordered.
You have absolutely hit my favorite color scheme. Still, I am interested what colors you will bring out next…The price point is absolutely perfect.
Bravo to you both. I am cheering on your business and when school is out, will drop by to say hi.
So proud and happy for you both!

Janet in Charlottesville

the new OESH La Vida–early reviews #1

Hi Bob –
First thank you. You are tops in customer relations.
My unconscious must have been telling me you were ready to go with the new shoe.
It’s a beauty!
I was so eager for the new shoe, I kept checking the website..
After almost two years of wearing Classics, Lizards, Tigers plus sandals, one evening in February, I decided I would wear boots to an event. While taking a tour of a facility along with a group of people, I reached for a heavy door and was moving forward except one boot stuck to the floor and I pitched forward landing flat on my face wedged between a door and a wall. The woman behind me in line was a doctor and sprang to action, examined me, and insisted I go to the ER.
I suffered a painful chest contusion and it took a few months to completely heal and a hard lesson learned.

It’s OESH all the way. The minute I saw the La Vida, I fell in love with it.

So after three months of restrictions I’m ready and raring to live the life. I am so impressed. My best and thank you – I still marvel at the design and comfort and can’t imagine now why I chose to wear boots. Not going to happen again.

Jean in Maryland

walking #16 & OESH Sandals

My sandals arrived and I like them very much…the “bounce” is wonderful. And, I am very interested in your classic shoe in Black. Thank you so much!

Mother Thecla

plantar fasciitis #10

Hi Bob,
Thank you so much for your reply, I am so impressed by your service. Your explanation definitely makes sense. I was not sure if I was supposed to put them on and feel instant relief or if it was more of a process like you described. I am excited to get my PF working again! I’ll keep you posted how it goes.
Thanks again,


knee pain #5

I love Oesh shoes as they are the only style shoe that i can wear that helps with my knee issues! They are great and i wear either my Lizards or Mojave’s everyday.
Thanks for making an awesome product!


running #5

I’ve been wearing OESH Classics for nearly two years. They were a birthday present from my husband, who was watching me painfully try to increase my running mileage after having two children (and the changes to one’s body that come along with kids.) Since getting these shoes I’ve trained for and run three half-marathons and one full marathon in them. I run with a group of nearly all men from a local running store once a week; they have been amused by how loud the shoes are when running on asphalt, but my shoes have lasted six times longer than theirs! My OESH Classics have finally started breaking down after about 3000 miles of running – what a great cost to use ratio! I can’t wait for my new ones to arrive!


walking #15 & OESH Sandals

My sandals fit PURRfectly. I’m floating on air. Thank you, thank you. Happy Memorial Day.


customer service #20

My goodness — y’all never sleep!! I’ll order today! Everything folks say about you in the testimonials page is right!
Thanks so much.


walking #14 & flat feet

I was looking for a way to post on the testimonial page.I have flat feet that have gotten much worse as I have gotten older and made it painful to walk any distance. Out of desperation, I did a google search for shoes for flat feet and OESH came up. I figured I would give them a try. In March I purchased the Lizard, the only style available for me since I can not wear thong style shoes. It has been two months and I have been wearing them almost daily ever since. I only wear other shoes if I am not going to be walking or standing long. I am eagerly awaiting some new styles,


customer service #19

Fabulous! I am going to order the running shoes right away. Fabulous service. I love the idea of these shoes designed by a woman for women with wonderful customer service by passionate men. A winning formula I suspect. Many thanks Bob. Cheers


Morton’s neuroma #7

Hi Bob:
I absolutely love the way the sandal feels with my bad foot. I’m so bummed they were too big, yet soo excited that even with them being too big, they still felt great with the Morton’s neuroma.


customer service #18

By all means, keep me in mind for your new line of shoes! I wish you would sell other things as I have NEVER dealt with a nicer company. AND we are very familiar with and have the highest regard for the Harvard Medical School…my husband graduated from the Harvard Law School.


customer service #17

hey Bob….didn’t quite know how to order..i will go with you on the 8′s…and I have never had a pair of shoes that I want to put on my feet like my lizards….thank you


Morton’s neuroma #6

I want to give you some feedback about Morton’s neuroma pain. I developed pain in and just to the right of the 2nd metatarsal in my right foot, radiating into the 2nd toe, last summer when I wore sandals a lot instead of my lizards. My orthopedist suspects a neuroma caused by altered forces after a 5th metatarsal fracture I had 7 years ago – it healed at a funny angle. I haven’t had surgery and the pain is under control with nsaids, but if I wear any shoes other than my Oesh shoes it makes the pain flare up. I put on a pair of mid-heeled pumps for a dressy event for the first time in months and I thought I would die. Quite interesting that I can wear (and do wear) my Oesh shoes and stay on my feet for hours without pain, but a pair of ballet flats with poron pads will set it off in minutes. Wow. I’m ordering a third pair for non-OR use, because my other lizards are now my gardening shoes. Terrific. Please do not stop making these shoes!


customer service #16

I received the laces, life changing. Sooooooooooooo appreciated.
Best regards;


walking #13

I have my own catering business and am on my feet all day long—I want to say thank you for making a shoe that I can work in that is a pleasure to wear! My legs and feet don’t hurt when I wear the sandals for long hours, they have been an answer to my searching.


plantar fasciitis #9

YIKES! I have the lizard in an 8 and thought I’d order a classic in an 8 – and much to my surprise (perhaps not really) you’re sold out?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?I assume you still have my email on your mailing list (OESH ed.: We surely do have it!) – but if you don’t, please add me to it. I had plantar fasciitis – before I bought my lizards. Past tense – had. your shoes are a miracle! I have not had one flare up since wearing them. So, please step up the production of the new line – we want our new spring sneakers! Let me know if you have any classics in an 8 hidden somewhere….


plantar fasciitis #8 & customer service #15

I just wanted to take a moment to comment on my experience with OESH. I have had chronic plantar faciitis and various knee issues. Surgery, therapy etc………. Too long of a story to tell! I purchased a pair of the black Classics. They did feel amazing but I did still have some issues. Doctor still recommended that I purchase custom orthotics at my cost of 350.00. I felt that I had better send the OESH back, thinking that the CUSTOM orthotics would solve my problem. I had the orthotics made. I had to purchase a special wide size shoe to accommodate the orthotics. After having spent 500.00 my problem did not go away! I wished I would have kept the OESH Shoes! I am saving my pennies and my next shoe purchase will be a pair of the OESH sandals for summer.The transaction was several months ago but I just wanted to say your customer services was amazing. They understood my situation and gave me full refund.
Thanks again,

Kim, future customer

Morton’s neuroma #5

My Lizards are like walking on air! Plus my neuroma is calming down. Thank you OESH.


customer service #14

Love! Love! Love! My sandals! They are so comfortable & fit like a glove. What an incredible company you folks have. You are the best. I’ll be ordering a black pair next double payday. Take care & thank you all so much!!


Morton’s neuroma #4

Thanks so much for your quick & honest answer! I’ll order the green which happens to be a color I love but doesn’t exactly go with everything, including “moron’s” neuroma. Hope you had as good a laugh out of that as I did. (OESH ed.: I’m still laughing)


walking #12

Thanks for the quick shipment – I should have by weekend.My feet are doing so much better in these shoes, as well as my ankle. I now own 3 pairs and have cleaned out most of my shoe closet. It is so great to have comfortable shoes that make your feet, ankles and legs feel good.
Thanks again,


Morton’s neuroma #3

I received my Lizards today and so far i am in foot heaven! I have multiple morton’s neuromas in one foot and NOTHING has worked. I will take your advice and break them in over time.Question Are the athletic sandals and suede sandal built like the Lizard? (OESH ed.: Yes they are, and one month later, she bought a pair of Suede Sandals!)


running #4

I can’t believe how good I feel slowly getting back into jogging in these amazing shoes! After 3 stress fractures, I’m taking it little by little, but what amazes me is the natural technique I have just wearing the shoes !I am anxiously anticipating the new styles


knee pain #4 & flat feet

this might not come as a surprise, but it sure did to me and my family.thought i would share my immediate experience with my first pair of OESH shoes, and offer to keep you posted on my progress over the next few weeks and months.I had not one but two knee surgeries in 2012. after a lot of disappointment, major inflammation & physical therapy issues, etc., i started researching the best solution that i could take to help me with my walking gait. i was told by my friend and Pilates studio owner that i should try Stretch Walkers. They sounded interesting, but i came across your company name/logo and informative article when i googled women’s shoes for flat feet & arthritis. the article intrigued me. I received my first pair of OESH black Athletics shoes. I think they are a GodSend! I put them on, started walking around my house, going up/down my front staircase and the first thing my husband said was “you are not limping or favoring your right leg!” He then asked me if I was aware or doing this on purpose and my reply was that i couldn’t believe that I could extend my right leg, put weight on it and NOT HAVE IT HURT! I kept walking around thru out the evening and to my surprise I felt No Grinding, No Shooting Pains, NOTHING. As I walked my leg continued to reach out in stride like a “normal” walking stride.I don’t know what to say accept that I would like to keep you and your staff informed of my progress on the hopes that I can help anyone else with my knee pain how these shoes may be my ticket back to REAL LIFE as well as theirs!!!
thank you


customer service #13

Thanks so much. You have the best customer service that I have ever seen. Thanks again. I will send the other ones back on Monday also.


metatarsalgia #1

Thanks so much for your quick reply and information! I was researching non-invasive/natural solutions for metatarsalgia and found several happy
customers online recommending your product. I’m super excited to see your new line up and to order my first pair!
Thanks for your time. All the best,


walking #11

We had a huge amount of snow and ice this winter and my Classics performed absolutely brilliantly with Micro Spikes. The shoes are rigid enough to accommodate the harness and turned them into my full time winter wear. I had another greatest Oesh experience. (I hate to wear anything else now.)
Can’t wait to see the new line up.
Best regards,


customer service #12

No problem! Actually I was able to walk the beach in my barefeet thanks to the many many hours wearing my OESH shoes. My feet are healing slowly but I am getting there.And if a rivet had to give on someone’s sandal, I am glad it was mine, because I am already sold on your product.My MIT engineer husband has every tool under the sun and if he gets half the chance will be happy to pull out his riveter and fix the issue. Somehow this would involve a spreadsheet because everything he does involves a spreadsheet. I on the other hand tend to run with scissors and will go with the whack method. Now get busy and get your new line of shoes out there. Your public is waiting!
Happy Sunny Day!


walking #10

Thanks Bob, these are miracle shoes! Worked all day with NO PAIN! First time in 15 years. I will be ordering more shoes directly; please don’t ever go out of business.


customer service #11

Thank you for the email. I appreciate your patience in this, it’s good to know there are businesses out there genuine in their approach to the customer, it does mean a lot to me, because we are so far away (OESH ed.: Darwin, Australia is indeed far from OESH HQ!) and having to sort this out via email, so thank you. Yes I definitely love the feel of them on because they make me move and stand the way it feels the body is supposed to move; I feel like I have more core stability as soon as I put them on, they’re great,


Morton’s neuroma #2 & running #3

Thanks so much for getting back to me. I was a runner for many years until I developed Morton’s neuroma. I went through the alcohol injections for months without relief. I was looking on line about having them surgically removed when I found your site. So many folks talked about having the surgery & still not being able to walk more than 1/2 mi…then they got your shoes. I am so praying they work for me. I would be so grateful if I could even walk a 5K I’d be a spokesperson for free. Looking so forward to their arrival. Will let you know. Again thanks so much. (OESH ed.: She now owns one pair of shoes and two pairs of Athletic Sandals!)


plantar fasciitis #7

Thanks for your reply. I wondered when I first got them how long they would last (some shoe places tell you to replace shoes every 6 months…) and so I was thinking that perhaps over the last year that there would be some loss of integrity…the rubber on the soles is still intact. The grey squares are one by one coming off or being worn off, but otherwise, the black part is still there. They are amazing that they have lasted so long…Thanks again and I’ll keep on wearing them and will wait for the “new” styles…Yes, I’m so glad I found your shoes. I had plantar fasciitis and it did take about 6-8 weeks to heal up, and now I can go bare foot and as a bonus, my hips stopped hurting and even my shoulders. Now instead of barely making it across the room and through the day, I went and climbed a small mountain for my 62nd Birthday!
Love it!


walking #9

Hi Oeshies,
My Lizards are falling apart. I guess that happens when you wear shoes 400 days in a row. When do you think you will have size 11′s back on the rack?


plantar fasciitis #6

My plantar fasciitis is much improved in the 4 months that I have worn the lace ups. For a year prior wearing your shoes I did everything I was advised to do but the situation did not improve.
If anything, it got worse.My doctor was skeptical but not dismissive when I told him the shoes were helping. He thought they did not seem to offer enough cushion to my heal. And they didn’t prevent me from pronating. I told him I have all kinds of shoes that do both but these shoes make sense for me.


knee pain #3

Hi Casey. I met you Thanksgiving weekend when I purchased the classic.My knees, which don’t track correctly, feel great when I am wearing those classics, and several times, especially at the waiting room of the orthopoedic department at Georgetown Hospital, Washington, D.C. some other patients have asked me about them and I give them the information they need to check the web site.I plan on ordering sandals. (OESH ed.: She sure did!) thanks again…from me and my knees


Morton’s neuroma #1

I am noticing subtle changes, all muscular. My neuroma is there, but not burning like it was in my asics. plan on wearing the lizards tomorrow for another 12 hr shift. Looks like I have finally
found the shoe for me!


customer service #10

Holey-moley Bob!
I am so not used to getting replies from online order sites customer service inquiries so quickly. I appreciate your advice, have read the article you suggested and have now gone ahead and ordered my pair of size 7 Lizards. Will let you know how they work out for me.


walking #8

Since purchasing my first pair of OESH shoes in Nov. 2011, they have been on my feet everyday. Now, sadly I’m sure it’s time to retire them and bring home a new pair to “don” my healed feet and continue to bring me energy and long lasting endurance everyday.Please let me know when I can see the new styles and purchase a new pair. I do wear a size 10.
Thank you,


plantar fasciitis #5

Hi Bob, It”s the start of the third week of wearing my Oesh shoes and what an improvement. I had severe plantar and what pain and now just a tad bit of an ache in my heel this morning was the first time I got out of bed without hobbling. I was also told to Ice pack but I found the heating pad worked better. I love my Oesh shoes and thank you to all of
you for your help.


walking #7

I sent you an email that never reached you, (I think I forwarded it from one of mine, and I got it back instead of you) and I don’t want to let a chance go by to thank you for these wonderful shoes. I have had them for about 2 weeks walking many days for 5 miles. They fit great, and I have never had my feet feel better in 2 years. I still massage the bottom of my feet when they feel sore, but the shoes have helped so much, I just wanted to tell you I will be buying a pair for warm weather, if we ever get some. (-13 a few mornings) I have walked on very cold morning with one pair of warm socks, and never had cold feet. Thank you so much, and I just hope these shoes last a very long time. I appreciate your customer service . I have never paid that much money for a pair of walking shoes, but when they helped me so much, the price was well worth it. Have a great day and so will I with much better feet. Sincerely,


customer service #9

I’m really impressed with your service. You are truly the best company I have ever dealt with.
Thank you, again.


customer service #8

I have been remiss in not thanking you for your ultra quick response to my questions. I was certainly impressed with the speed and depth of your response and you are an awesome example of your obsession with good customer service…
Many thanks


walking #6

Hey Bob,
Success you were so right about the shoe!!!! Size 10 works perfect. Just finished today with my ortho surgeon and he is very impressed with the shoes as well. He had me walking so that he could watch how they move. So I gave him all your contact info. His exact comment was SOMEONE needs to introduce this shoe in the Knoxville, TN market. With that said. Now I will be saving to purchase my next pair. I would like to be on the waiting list for 2 size 10 classic black when available. Thank you so much for saving my feet. 3rd day and all I can say is totally unbelievably amazing difference.


customer service #7

Robert thank you so much I must say your service and info on this product are just top-notch
thank you so much,


plantar fasciitis #4

Thank you for your quick reply! PF is no fun at all. Reading the blogs on the OESH site has comforted me to know that there are other sufferers out there like me. I really hope that the OESH shoes help me find some relief. I appreciate the explanation that the stretching of the fascia can take awhile (especially since it has taken a long time to get to this point) and that
I should take it slow at first. I will update you in a few weeks after I wear them for awhile. Interestingly enough, my sports orthopedic doctor is keen to see the shoes when I come back for a visit. He is very much into alternative remedies so we’ll see if we can make him a fan too!
Thanks again. I’ll be in touch.


walking #5

My scrabble skills are lacking; who knew ?! (OESH ed.: OESH = s-h-o-e turned around and inside out) Well Casey certainly succeeded in turning things around. I received my sandals and look forward to receiving the sport sandal. I’ve been telling everyone about her shoes including the sales people at our local Relax The Back Store; most guys are asking about larger shoe sizes so perhaps you could pass that along to Casey. It’s also wonderful to have a product Made in America; in fact, I’m going send an e-mail to David Muir of ABC World News who produces a segment called Made In America. Wishing all of you continued success and a great New Year.


walking #4

I want to thank you again for your help. I received the sneakers today and what a difference! They are so comfortable it is almost like walking barefoot. I took my King Charles spaniel for a walk today, and for the first time I wasn’t the the first one to sit down because of foot pain. In fact, I had no pain at all and we were out walking for an hour! It is especially nice to sit down in the evening and not have my foot throbbing. My thanks to all those at OESH!
What a life changer!
Kindest regards,


customer service #6

Thank you for replying to both michelle and me. I printed the label but cannot get them mailed until wed. The local post office just closed for new year. You have been very helpful and i am so impressed with your quick responses. Have a wonderful new year.


customer service #5

Are you always on the clock??? I thought you’d have a nice long weekend with the holiday coming up. Thanks for the compliment – I’m determined to find shoes that are comfortable to wear all day.


walking #3

Just received my first pair of OESH shoes, so far great, and it has only been 20 minutes of wearing them. I am a flight attendant, and I would LOVE to see a style that I could wear while


customer service #4 & walking #2

IF you HOBBLE HOME after standing on your feet all day….
I work in retail. I am on my feet all day on concrete. A good part of my job is standing, not walking, which is much more torturous on your feet, legs, knees and back. Before my Oesh shoes, there would be days I’d literally hobble out of a store and get into my car. I dreaded standing up. My feet, back and legs hurt so bad that I’d have to go home and get
completely off my feet. My days off would be spent staying off my feet so that I could walk. I don’t have any other pair of shoes, even the most expensive pair of supposed “comfortable” walking/running shoes that does what these do. I no longer shop in shoe stores for sneakers or shoes to wear to work because I’d just be wasting my money – and my feet! These shoes have saved my life, “feet wise.”
I tell everyone I can about these shoes because they DO WORK in helping relieve pain and pressure; esp if you’re on your feet all day. Even do demos to show how the shoe works!!! People are amazed! The service is instantaneous, their return policy (not that I would EVER return these) is simple. My only regret? That I didn’t buy more of the Classics in black!!
OESH — you absolutely ROCK!


customer service #3

The size 10 in the Bikrams and the Mojaves arrived today! The length on the Bikrams was great. The Mojaves are perfect! I will be keeping them. Your service is incredible. I will be shouting your praises anywhere I can. I know I’m not Oprah, but I do have a big mouth… I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. I know I’m thankful for all your research and the products that ensued.


knee pain #2

I use them exclusively when I do my nordic walking exercise. I am almost 2 years post-op L knee surgery and am sure that the OESH shoes will delay my needing to get a knee replacement (my surgeon gave me 2 years). I notice I have no knee pain, swelling or discomfort when wearing or exercising in my OESH lace ups. I am totally sold on them. Thank you for your prompt service and excellent OESH lace up shoe. They are the best!!!

Dayna, Dedicated OESH Fan

customer service #2

Hi Bob, I just placed my first order. I’m excited that it may not be my last, if this shoe is a good solution for me. Thanks for the info and the delightful repartee!

Mary Anne

plantar fasciitis #3

so far this year have purchased five pair of shoes from you and am happy with all of them! so far, knock on wood, has saved me from surgery – wearing that awful arizona boot , plus, i do not even need my orthotics , just wear my oesh shoes!


plantar fasciitis #2

I ordered a pair of OESH Lizard shoes on August 12 and received them by August 18. I love that they have virtually eliminated my plantar fasciitis pain. Thanks, too, for your great customer service. I am telling my friends!


plantar fasciitis #1

Because of plantar faciitis in my left foot, I purchased the OESH women’s Lizard model in a size 8 1/2 about 3 months ago. I have a wide foot and was a little hesitant because your shoes don’t come in a wide size, but having previously purchased a pair of your sandals, I thought I would give the Lizards a try. I have been wearing the shoes on my morning walk almost every day and they have helped tremendously with the faciitis problem.


running #2

Hello there, I want to make a request that you make a more quiet “tactical” version of the Oesh shoes. I have been using them since I started in the military (4 months) and I have been absolutely amazed to discover that I haven’t gotten any injuries with all the (forced) running you do in the army. And this is coming from a guy with a history of shin splints. The only problem i got with Oesh was when we did runs. I actually got some complaints from my sergeants about the *clack* *clack* noise they make and that’s where I realized that they weren’t very tactical. So that’s why I am wondering if you could do something to make it produce less noise during running.

Allan from Denmark

walking #1

I’ve just returned from two months in Europe where I wore my OESH classics day and night and walked on all kinds of terrain: sidewalks, stony paths, grassy greens, cobbled streets. I can not express my joy and relief at being able to do all this with my awful feet in tow. I also do Zumba in your shoes with not the slightest problem other than following all those complicated steps. I am a HUGE fan of your shoes (own two classic pair and the sandals) and hope your business thrives forever! Now, a question. I’d like to buy a third pair and am wondering if the Lizard is the same shoe as the classic with only a differently colored upper. Will buy the Lizard if this is so, otherwise the black classic is for me (OESH ed.: other than the color, the Classic and Lizard are identical)
Many thanks


running #1

It is my second pair. I have the running shoes too and they finally made it possible for me to run again. I am nearly 65. I picked the sandals up already. I am a big fan.


knee pain #1 & customer service #1

Wow, thanks for the prompt response–do you sleep? Thanks for the great tip. Also I appreciate the accurate assessment of the situation. I’ve worn my Lizards non-stop b/c they have been the only shoe to help provide relief with my chronic knee pain. I’ve tried a LOT of other shoes and all they do is exacerbate the pain. Yes, the sandals are a requirement for this summer heat! And it’s good to be so close to VA b/c I’m able to get orders super quick! I’m all up for a repeat program. I’m happily getting ready to purchase pair number three and have been quite pleased with your products and customer service


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